Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mile Stone

Incedentaly, THis blog (STN2008) is like THE number 1 source of information about Patti Russo is freakin' hot.

And it totaly happened without any pictures, of her any where on this blog and also just one well considered, carefully worded post. I dont know how that happen, but dude, she is totaly hot!

I mean, if Patti Russo and Right Wing Sparkle chick had a hot contest over who was more hot especially in over all hotness, Patti Russo would win hands down.

United Kingdom: Not Very Big

President Obama's White House finaly put those damn Brits in there place:

So here's what the White House is telling American reporters - and by extension the American people - about Britain. It's laid out in an inch-thick "press kit", with the Seal of the President of the United States emblazoned on the cover, handed out to each of us on board the White House press charter...

The United Kingdom, we are told, is "slightly smaller than Oregon"

Keepin' it real, yo.

...taken through the Roman invasion ("brought more active contacts with the rest of Europe"), the Norman invasion (led to "active involvement in European affairs...for several hundred years") and various travails with the Welsh, Scots and Irish before the British empire reached its zenith in Victorian times.

Honesty. A hall mark long missing from the White House during the bu$h junta. Remeber when the neocons were all about how France is always getting defeated, surrender, etc? In the spirit of honesty does this mean we get to talk about how the damn brits are a bunch of "really heavy fruit cake eating surrender monkeys"?

Then it all started to go wrong. "The losses and destruction of World War I, the depression of the 1930s, and decades of relatively slow growth eroded the United Kingdom's preeminent international position of the previous century".

Not so big and strong any more, are you? Damn fish-and-chips eating blokes anyway. Always having to make Americans pull your nutz out of the fire.

Those fretting about the demise of the term "special relationship" might not be reassured by this briefing book. There's talk of a "strong bilateral relationship", of the UK being "one of the United States' closest allies" and of "close coordination" and "bilateral cooperation" between two countries who "continually consult on foreign policy". Everything except "special".

See? There not so speical any more. I am glad some one (President Obama) had the fortitude to finaly say: "Hey. Your not so special." Its important to get stuff like that laid out in the bare so we can focus on long term alliance's more beneficial to are well being. Iran. Pakistan. Syria. China. Not Israel. Etc.

UPDATE: Also Yeah. There DVDs dont even work right, yet whoever the minister in charge of dvd players is, he still keeps his job.

Looking Ahead

Like every one else who reads this blog, I am still basking in the glow of President Obamas stunning vicotry over defeatism and despair but there is still a lot of work to do.

Already we need to look forward to getting him into a second term, and being at the forefront of the progressive movement, it falls on me (US) to get this discussion rolling. So lets have this out right now:

Who do YOU think President Obama will be running against in 2010?

Do you think whoever it is (maybe Palin and Romney) will surpass the level of dirty politics/sleaze put on by the McCain campaign?

Its a discuss that needs to be have.


Austria's Abu Ghraib.

Not sure if my protege Tim Blair is making light of this travesty or is genuinely concerned as we all should be.

There Just Like The Other 190 Countries

I dont understand why all the neocons are all jumpting on this dudes bandwagon of hate-speech.
  1. He's not American, So:
  2. He's no different than any other politician from the other 190 countrys.

Im just not feeling it.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Live-Blog Earth Hour

I was planing on live blogging Earth hour in about 24 minutes from now but I forgot to check which time zone 8:30pm - 9:30pm is in. Does any one know?

8:32pm Ok look. It doesnt matter what time zone 8:30pm is in, the fact that it is FINALLY hear should be good enough. Even if I missed it (because in Australia, Japan, etc its already tomorrow) I am at least doing my part. I turned off the light but there is still some sunlight coming in. Does that count?

8:40pm It is startig to get dark. Cant see the keyboard very well. I am going tot urn on the TV and use the residual light so I can see what I'm typing. Also got some green tea. Its still warm. blah

8:46pm WELL this just cheeses my curds. I went to go get some ice for my green tea and saw that the people across the street still have there lights on. I will brb in a minute.

8:58pm That did not go so well. I was real polite to. I went acrost the street and knocked on there door. Then the dude opened the door and I was like: "Sir, you need to turn off your lights. Its Earth Hour"

He was all like: "What?"

And I was all like: "ITs Earth Hour. You need to turn off your lights for one hour until 930pm."

Then he was all like: "Who are you?" Which was bogus because he knows me from across the street.

I was all: "Sir, please. You need to think about the Earth"

Then he was all: "Get off mah porch!"

So I reached inside his door to turn off a light and accidentaly turned on his porch light. Then he was all pushing me away and his wife was all: "Im calling the police"

I was like: "big deal, I been arrested before."

Then he was all like: "I have a gun in this house"

Which I took as a indirect threat so I left.

9:06pm I feel like we're really making a difference. Also I just (accidental) urinated on the toilet seat. That is a small price to pay for saving are environment.

9:11pm Its really dark now. I could totaly run around naked and nobody outside would see me.

9:18pm L O L. They relly called the cops. Their is a deputy across the street!

9:22pm Crud. I left the freezer open. Now my ice cream is soft. Doorbell

9:10am Sorry for no end of Earth HOur updates. I had some company. The cops. What happened was they came over and rung the doorbell. At first I was like (thinking): "If I dont open the door they will think no one is home." Then I remembered I left the TV and my computer on so I had to answer the door.

The cop was all like: "Good evening sir, My name is Officer (XYZ (not real name). I have had some complaints about some harassment in the neighborhood."

Then I was all: "I would also like to lodge a complaint. Those people (across the street) didnt turn off there lights for Earth Hour."

And he was all: "Sir?"

And I was all like: "Its Earth Hour and they have there lights on. That should be a crime against Earth"

Then he was like: "I'm going to need you to put some pants on"

And I was all like: "Fine"

Then he came in and we chit chatted a bit and I come to find out that Earth Hour was voluntary!

What good is a Earth Hour if you get to CHOOSE to participate? I hope next year they pull there heads out.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Actual Twitter Exchange

Maybe some one could help:
SomedudenamedRyking@Skiorsurf What's the matter, sweetie? Embarrassed that you didn't know East Berlin was part of the USSR? Home schooled much? #p2 #tcot

Dean04Prez@ryking Just watching from the sidelines and wondering which soviet republic east berlin was part of. Plz clarify.

I am totaly all for true, like minded progressives (like myself) sticking it to neocons like this but I relly wish they would share there talking points so we are all on the same page.

If anyone is able to tell me which Soviet Socialist Republic had East Berlin in it, I would greatly appreciate.

UPDATE: I TOTALY got clarification from "Ryking". Its all very clear now:

Rykingdude@Dean04Prez East Berlin was controlled by the Soviet bloc and a de facto member of the USSR: http://is.gd/pbHe

ME@ryking Im not seeing in that article where East Berlin was a member of the USSR. Did they have representation in the Soviet politburo?

Rykingdude@Dean04Prez Which part of "de facto" do you not understand? And you don't remember this? http://is.gd/pbxm #p2 #tcot

ME@ryking I guess I always understood "de facto" to mean "in fact" or "in reality". Was there another definition?

For a minute their I was starting to fall into the neocon way of thinking. It was starting to look like East Berlin was more of an "occupied territory". Speaking for all liberals and like minded progressives like myself, I can not stress enough the importance of clarifying these things as a bullwark against the neocon disinformation machine.

Visual proof that I'm AM NOT Jake Tapper

This is a photo essay.

In the first photo you see one Mr. Jake Tapper who is like the senior news guy at abc news. Hes very handsome. Indeed, if I was a chick, I would totally do him. Also well dressed with a tie that says "I am powerful but you need not fear me".

Jake Tapper

In the second photo you see what is suppose to be not a police sketch of me (which is not available at Taylorsville PD for $25 if you have forms filled out). BTW it totaly doesnt look like me.


Now if you super impose the sketch of me that totaly doesnt look like me and put me (photo) on top of Jake Tapper, then adjust opacity 20% you begin to already see the subtle differences:

20% Opacity

Already it is plane to see that Jake Tapper does not have a killer 'stache like I got (finaly came in 2 years ago). Now adjusting opacity another 20% the differences become more profound:

40% Opacity

As you can see above, Jake Tapper doesnt even seem to be looking at the camera any more, whereas my gaze is more piercing and enigmatic. Also are eyebrows dont even match up. Add another 20% opactiy:

60% Opacity

Hear at 60% opacity it becomes obvious to even the untrained eye, which we call it the "lay eye" in the business, that Jake Tapper parts his hair way different than I do. However, in all fairness, are lips match almost perfect. Again, if he was a chick I would think are lips our a match made in heaven.

80% Opacity

As show above, when the two photos are adjust to 80% opactity for illustration purposes only you can clearly see that although my killer 'stache would look great on Jake Tapper and are ears and necks are near perfect match it is obvious that I am not Jake Tapper. Its what I have been saying all along.

100% Opacity

As you can see above, the only similarity between me (not Jake Tapper) and Jake Tapper (Jake Tapper) is that I would look real good in his suit. That is where the similaritys end and THAT, is why I am not Jake Tapper.

Hopefully this photo essay will put all those rumours to bed. (metaphorically)


The big question hear is:

HOW is MATTHEW YGLESIAS on this list when Im not?

Maybe my ISP screwed up my email (address) again.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dispel Some Rumours

I heard their is/was a rumour going on around the blog world about me and this blog, etc.

Just to clear the air: I am NOT ABC News senior correspondent Jake Tapper.

I honestly dont know how these things get start. Just because are writing style and political leanings are so similar doesnt mean I am him. Nor he me.

So in closing, plz remeber: I am NOT Jake Tapper.

UPDATE: Apparenty this rumor has legs so to speak. In case you were confused: its not "I am IS Jake Tapper", its: "I am NOT Jake Tapper".

UPDATE 3/26: Their is still some confusion about I am not Jake Tapper. Therefore I am (Temporary) changing my handle (not my real name, btw) to NOTJakeTapper.

Blog Update

Their was no updates (here) for the last 2 days.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Proof of Neocon Manipulation of American Minds

These "Tea Party" protests that there having (where I will probably be martyred on April 15 TBA). Well, if you want proof of the power of the neocons have to manipulate people, ask youself this: How come their are no Tea Party protests in other countrys? How come just America?

Other countrys protested the USA vs Iraq War (which was wrong).

Other countrys protested Bu$h destroying the world economy.

How come other countrys arent protesting President Obama's economic plans for the USA?

Because the neocons are still stirring up the pot here (probaly to try to derail President Obamas Presidentsy).

Saturday, March 21, 2009

States still trying to curtail individual rights.

I think in cases like this where individual civil rights are threatened, it is the duty of the Federal government to step in on behalf of the individual and say: "Hey, not on are watch!"


I will be crashing the April 15 "Tea Party" protest in SLC on a date to be announced.

I fully expect to be assaulted and possibly killed by neocons during this rally. It is my hope that my martyrdom will be a catalyst for real change in Utah.

If their is any neocons that want to have a fair fight instead of killing me in a mob frenzied bloodbath, please let me know ahead of time. I will totaly kick your ass one on one.

I will be the one handing out "Dont Trust Kevin LaFontaine" bumper stickers.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Comparisons Really Arent Fair

One thing that realy chaps my hide today in scouting out the neocons blog world is there self-rightous up in arms attitude about President Obamas PERCEIVED gaffe on The Late Show with Jay Leno.

They (neocons) are all like: "He should not be on TV (Leno) when he has to be busy fixing Bush's wrecked economy"

And then they are all like: "He shouldnt be making fun of people with mental disabilitys/disorders/diseases/etc."

Just basicaly being opportunist at the expense of post-Bush reconcilliation. Well I have a news for you! Hear at STop The Neocons 2009 Blog, we wont have any of that because here (STN2009) we CONFRONT neocon fascism because nothing makes *THAT* die faster than shetting the light of day on it.

With that said, I am calling out the neocons on this picture (because it seems to be the theme of the day):

Let me be blunt with just 3 words: This is not very helpful!

A Project I would do if I was a neocon

Some neocon writes (about a progressive writing to him):

"The sobering new deficit projections deliver a stark message that the
economy is in even worse shape than was previously thought. It also underscores
the urgent need to pass the bold initiatives on healthcare, education, energy
and the economy laid out the President's budget.

If I was a neocon and wanted to give back to progressives (like minds one and all) what they did to Bushs failed presidency / policies, I would take the line here on health care and make a new web site.

I would call it "thereisnocrisis.com". But since their really is a health care crisis this time, petty and passive-aggressive acts like that are just not helpful.

That website number should be available, btw.

Big News Over at Dont Trust Kevin LaFontaine Blog

I just posted a new story about my nemesis which will give you a peak inside his mind of madness. You DO NOT want to miss out on this information.

US Navy Special Olympics Fleet

They (Navy) usualy drive there boats pretty good, but once in a while their is a wreck. Like what happened today:

A U.S. Navy submarine collided with a Navy amphibious ship Friday in the
Strait of Hormuz, mildly injuring 15 sailors, according to the commander of the
U.S. Fifth Fleet.
The submarine, the USS Hartford, collided with the USS New
Orleans about 1 a.m. in the strait, which runs between Iran and the Arabian
Peninsula. It is one of the busiest commercial routes for oil tankers.

Driving the boat may seem like the Special Olympics but really there's more too it than that.

A Quote That Bares Repeating

In light of this allegation and the ongoing attempts by the neocons to paint are President (Obama) as some kind of buffoon (which is not fair), I am choosing to make a stand and stand by this statement by a noteable member of the Stop The Neocons community.

The DVD's were a better gift than the bomber jacket that Bush gave Brown, the Helicopters kind of go with the jacket.

I am certain that some trolls who always try to come to this blog and shoot down/misinterpretate anything said by progressive will have something unhelpful to say about this. In reply (preemptive), I would like to say that the author of that quote (above) is like a brother to me and is a valuable and upstanding member of this (STN2009) community.

So dont go giving him any guff (if you are a neocon troll).

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mistakes were made

Like many Americans today I felt a twinge when I heard that Presdent Obama made a gaffe with is teleprompter.

Yeah it was relatively embarassing (not like Bush). But images like this arent helpful or condusive to reconcilliation:

Turning Good Out of Bad

Because of the over whelming supportive response to Dont Trust Kevin LaFontaine blog and massive revenue generate by that site I have decided to dontate all profits to my Target Gift Cards for Gordon Browns Children Project charity.

This way, even tho Kevin LaFontaine totaly screwed me over, some good can still come out of this unfortunate mess.

Its the best of both worlds. I get revenge (sweet) on Kevin LaFontaine and Gordon Browns' children get some gift cards to go shop at Target whenever they want!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hot Blog Chicks Bracket: 3rd Match

In these trying economic times it is important to remember that this dude is a dork. Also it is important to keep are eyes on the prize and remember that even tho Kevin LaFontaine is a dick, we can still have a hot blog chicks bracket.

So updated bracket loks like this:

Also I want to take a line or two to note that yesterdays light blogging was because I was busy getting my life back together.


Kevin LaFontaine has force my hand!

He has gave me no choice but to activate the Don't Trust Kevin LaFontaine Blog.

Now the whole world will be able to see what a DICK he is.

(pardon the harsh language)

Twitter: A Valuable Resource

If their are any other prgressives out there who have not got on twitter yet, I have news for you. You should. It is a invaluable resource for like-minded progressives like myself to network and communicate in real-time. This is what (sample) you could be doing:

meanolmeanyFrom Aug '97, who balanced the budget? Cato says, Ronald Reagan. Dean04Prez@meanolmeany Um. Ronald Reagan wasnt even president in 1997. Your facts are way off the money.
ZING! (btw)

Bad news. President Obama has ruled out giving DVDs to the queen. This is a gaffe. How does Gordon Brown rate DVDs when the queen doesnt?
Blue Rays is still a possibility I think.

Dean04Prezhttp://tinyurl.com/b9jd4z (via @addthis) Get onboard before the yurt bubble bursts.
"Yurt" is like a tent but made of wood and fits stuff inside it.

maxinewatersThe only thing that will save this country is an end to the crazy belief that business drives the economy.
Like minds think alike!

maxinewatersThe sooner we get $$, guns & voting rights out of the hands of the least deserving (bourgeoisie) & into good hands (Party) the better. Dean04Prez@maxinewaters AGREED! Red staters shouldnt be allowed to vote!maxinewaters@Dean04Prez Oh, let them think it counts... we have the census now, colleges, media, blocs, Exec., Leg., & Judic. branches are ours!
None of us flyover states should be allowed to vote unless we are voting FOR the most progressive thing/person/guy/chick.

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I will not express how much I hate Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, and other bourgeois Fascist Micks.
Dean04Prez@maxinewaters Yeah! F&$@ the Scots!
This barb at the Scotlandish people on there national holiday was not wholly intended. I just got caght up in the moment.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Blogging will be light today because I need to time to get my life back in order.

Scheduled Live Blog: Earth Hour

On March 28 at 830pm to 930pm I plan to live blog Earth Hour to help raise awareness of Earth Hour.

So unless something comes up, I will do that according to plan.

Also, FYI, blogging will be light today while I get my life back in order.


Some guy named Victor Davis Hanson (no relation to Hanson) is being very deceptive / misleading with subtle plays on words. A very clever play but paper thin.
The old campaign snicker that a naïve McCain really believed that a
then-stronger economy is "fundamentally sound" is now the new Obama gospel about a far weaker one.

It was weaker BEFORE the crash. NOw it hit rock bottom and is stronger.
There are to be no more earmarks in spite of 8,000-plus new ones.

Um. There was no more earmarks AFTER the last ones. Not before.
A $3.6 trillion-dollar budget is proof of commitment to financial
responsibility; the remedy of Bush’s borrowing profligacy is to increase the
deficit from $500 billion to $1.7 trillion.

If Bu$h didnt already MAKE a $500 billion defecit, it wouldnt be $1.7 trillion now!. It would only be $700 billion..

You have to have catlike mental reflexes to catch the neocons subtle play on words (new tactic).

INCIDENTALLY: Blogging will be light today while I sort my life back into order.


Stoorat (father of Hot Blog Chicks Bracket) is thinking that we should vote on who is hot (instead of bracket).


  1. Alison Zlotow
  2. Right Wing Sparkle chick
  3. Mad Max

I dont know if their is any way to come to a consensus here.

Light blogging today

Blogging (my) will be light today because of recent events (which I am sorry everyone has to know about now) has caused me to have to put my life back together! I am thinking about dropping out of school and moving back home (parents house). If you have been following me (not stalk) for some time you know that my home situation is not ideal. And it only got worse because my mom is doing prescription drugs now.

So any ways blogging will be light today.


This blog post is only for KEVIN LAFONTAIN who I KNOW is reads this blog. Everyone else should just but out.

Dear Kevin,

Those pictures you put on the cork board in the laundry room were
PRIVATE. They were strictly for my ADULT social networking service.
Thats why I dont have them FRAMED everywhere in my room (private). I thing
you should be ADULT about it and give me back my stick.

If you dont give it back (put under my door or leave by my car, IDC which
(thb) I will start a NEW blog about how people should not give you jobs or
trust you in any way. Youre name will be TOTALLY trashed. I promise you
you will be crawling back to me on your hands/knees to beg me to stop trashing
your name before its over.

I cant believe it has come to this. Really.

Sunday, March 15, 2009



I am so embarassed!

This started out with good intentions (find hottest blog woman). But because I did/was not proof reading I have just found out that I have been perpetraded! AND I know exactly how it happened:

See I am not what is noun in the business as a "graphic designer" per say. SO when I need work done that involved drawing or art (making banners for blog, etc) I always have to have someone do the tech work. In other words, its MY vision but someone helps me realize it by put it in JPG.

Well, as always I enlistd the help of one KEVIN LaFONTAINE (downstairs and across breezeway in 4C) to hlep because I **THOUGHT** I could count on him.


He does'nt know how damageing this is to my hard earned credability because I put my words on that there would be integrity in this bracket system. But as it turns out him and probaly Kenny Pollack (if I had to guess) took my vision of a fair and balance judgement of hot blog chicks and made a MOCKARY of it!

I wanted hard-hitting, honest comparison of the merits and qualificasions of these hot babes and what they delivered was TOTLA B_ _ _ S_ _ _ about doilys! AND underwear! I am so mad right now I am shakeing. It was suppose to be SO easy for them! All they had to do was transcripe my notes to the image / layout!

ALSo thinking that if my own best (former) friends (I thought) could do this to me maybe I am disallusioned about every thing. Maybe I should'nt be bloging about neocon perfidys. Maybe I should be going to town meethings and become more involve din my local communit instead of so involved in the world community. I have to rethink my prioritys!

Its really messed up that I can still here them laughing at me (at the moment).

UPDATE: ITS MY OWN STUPID FAULT. I shuold have PROOFREAD it! DAMN. Also I think hey made a copy of my thumb/flash drive thing. Not sure tho.

UPDATE 2: THATS KEVIN LAFONTAINE (not sure of spelling tbh) and KENNY POLLACK and there in UTAH. IF you want to spam there emails or send prank calls PLEASE DO SO!

UPDATE 3: Is there any lawyers out there that blog or are reading this that can tell me if I have some legal recourses for this? Their is no WAY that fraud (which is a crime last time I checked) like this can be legal.

Now Their is Hope AGAIN

In these trying economic times it is important to remember that I just finished counting/tabulating the scores on the second entry in that one Hot Blog Chicks bracket thing I was doing before. Its real hard work btw. I need to try some different formating or something for the next one (maybe tomorrow or Tuesday).

Its real troubling that neocons are comng out on top again but in this one instance it could not be helped because none of the hot progressive woman blog have come up yet (completely random)(useing 16 side dice to determine who to do next).

Hot blog chicks: Plz remeber that if you want a consolation prize for losing you just have to decide were we are going to hook up.

Bad News

I was going to put the next entry in the Hot Blog Chicks Bracket here before I found out some terrible news.

That one guy who played Hellboy: has died.

Ron Silver: You'll be missed.


Hate speech.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Possible Mel Gibson Sighting!

Who's to say?

H/T Tim Blair

Now Their is Hope!

In these trying economic times it is important to always have hope. And also something to look forward to.

So to keep up the hope, I am excite to announce that the first Battle of the Hot Blog Chicks bracket battle is finished and ready to be posted on here just as soon as I post it here later this afternoon.

Teaser: It was a hard fought battle between Michelle Malkin and Finding Miss Amy blog.

UPDATE: Here it is (results) and updated bracket standings. If you cant read at low resolution, click on the image and it will get real big in another window. (Warning: real real big)

UPDATE 2: Also FWIW (for what its worth) the new picture of me (in my profile) is not actually a real police sketch which was not provided by Taylorsville Police Department who were not complying with the Freedom of Information Act when they did not require me to submit a GRAMA (goverment records management act) request without $25 processing fee just for s stupid poorly rendered picture that doesnt even look like me. So get them thoughts out of your head, plz.

Grim Anniversary

Before I almost forgot, Monday (16th March) is a gim aniversary/milestone.

It was 6 years ago from Monday, 16 March 2009 that Rachel Corrie was gunned down by Israel bulldozers because she was trying to save some Palestainian homes.

As is the case every year, I have to remind everyone as this grim milestone approaches that THIS IMAGE (animated gif) is completely inappropriate and not befitting a enlightened society

UPDATE: Having image uploading problems

Friday, March 13, 2009

Hot Blog Chicks Bracket Q&A

I know there is a lot of confusion about this bracket thing which was put together just this morning, the brain child of me and "stoorat" (not real name, I think) so hear is some Q&A about questions you may have:

Q: Is this all the hot chicks on the internet?
A: No. There is lots of hot chicks on the internet these days but there was no way I could fit them all on one bracket system. So all the hot chicks weren't included. Just the ones with blogs.

Q: Which chicks are hot but not blogger(s)? (examples please)
A: Patti Russo is hot but myspace is not blogs. Its more nlike SOCIAL NETWORKINg. Alison Zlotow is also hot but again, Facebook is not blogs. Gretchen Carr and Laurie Dhue are hot news chicks, but news isnt blogs.

Q: How was the seedings determined?
A: I arbitrarily put t hem on the bracket in the order on which they occurred to me that the blog chick on the bracket was pretty hot.

Q: So their is not any kind of preconceived seeding?
A: No because who knows how these things work anyways.

Q: Why isnt their guy blogs on this list?
A: Because this is about hot chicks. Not dudes. Sicko.

Q: What happens with the one who is the winner when this bracket thing is all over?
A: I'm glad I asked this. The winner gets:
  1. A matching donation from me (up to $40) to the Target Gift Cards For Gordon Brown's Children project which I started on this blog. The rules are that simple. The winner only has to donate $40 to TGCFGBC and I will do the same.
  2. A link on this blog.
  3. Also they (winner) can put the Target Gift Cards For Gordon Brown's Children project banner on there blog (maybe on the top or side like right below there profile).
  4. We could totaly hook up. If you want. No pressure.
  5. It could be like one or two (or three) nights of magic.
If there is more that a winner could need I will include it here later.

Q: Is their integrity inherent in this bracket system?
A: Ya.

Q: What about links to the entrants so that everyone can check them out before hand?
A: Okay. In no preconceived order:
  1. Right Wing Sparkle blog
  2. Arianna Huffington blog
  3. Dr. Helen blog
  4. Offended Blogger blog
  5. Incoherent Ramblings blog
  6. The Hussy Housewife blog
  7. Michelle Malkin blog
  8. Finding Miss Amy blog
  9. SondraK blog
  10. Rosie O'Donell blog
  11. Extra-Extra blog
  12. Mountaineer Musings blog
  13. Dooce blog
  14. Blue Gal in a Red State blog
  15. Rachel Lucas blog
  16. Neo-Neocon blog
So if their is any more questions, please answer them here.

GREAT IDEA for apolitical fridays.

Stoorat had a real good idea for a change which he said on this post.

Because its March now and evryone is worried about brackets and stupid stuff like that instead of our economy and two wrong wars, we should totaly go against the flow and have a bracket for hot blog chicks to find out which one is hot. I got in excel and made the bracket (hard work) and now I just have to get some URLs to some hot chicks blogs and then its all set to go.

UPDATE 1: You will notice their is only 16 Hot Blog Chicks on this bracket. Thats because their is only like 18 or so that blog and some of them isnt active enough.

UPDATE 2: I just realize d that you (readers) can print this up and follow from home (if you have a printer)(or access).


Check out this neocon blog woman. She's is WAY hot!

If you had a hot contest with Dooce blog woman and Offended Blogger blog woman and Neocon Sparkle woman, Neocon Sparkle woman would win by an aesthetically superior landslide.

I mean she is still a neocon and wrong about most things but she is HOT.

You Know That one Tom Clancy Book

The book about how the "terrorists" come to America and are shooting up malls and allegedly killing people etc?

Well in that story, their was like 1-2 malls where the so-call terrorists failed becase the armed populace rised up and fought back at the "terrorist" because they had so many guns (concealed carry). In hte story, the mall in Utah was University Mall in provo where there plan did not work.

Well, its guys like this dude who keep Provo safe from "terrorists" in Tom Clancys book.

Agree with 1138 Dude

As always, that blog guy 1138 (not his real name) hits the nail right on the head over at that goth blog "Shadow Lands" with his money quote:

The populations relocated from Katrina and the Pacific Tsunami's are environmental refugees. Change is already past the point of no return.

The time for action is to late for us now. We are already past the point of no return! The NEOCONS wont tell you this because they just want to keep having wars and giving money to ISREAL! There spin machine keeps telling you that the PACIFIC TSUNAMI'S was made by earthquakes under the sea! YEah RIGHT! Who ever heard of a eartquake under the sea!!! HAHAAHA Come to think of it, the proof that the refugees from Katrina are enviromental refugees is in the fact that they are refugees! Whoever heard of people being refugees from any other hurricanes before?

When will you NEOCONSERVATIVES wake up and smell the coffee/roses? Its to late for change.

I for one thing that 1138 dude just opened a can of whup ass on the neocon movement. Its totaly like a coming out party for him!


I'm totaly going to link you're blog now.


I was just thinking: Is their any way Heath Ledger could win another Ocsar next year?

I think their was another movie he did before Mary-Kate Olsen murdered him.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Economy Problems: I Predicted it Last Year

Over here at STN2008 blog I am not one to toot on my own horn too much but it is amusing that the neocons are fretting over the economy so much. I knew it was in the tanker over a year ago and predicted what would happen (bad economy stuff) and what needed to happen to change it (elect Obama / Hope / Change).

I can totaly see it now. When Obama is elect President the neocons will blame him for Bush wrecking the economy and stock market. He (Obama) (if I may be so bold to offer advice) should start work right away on figureing out a way to help the econmy. Maybe some thing like a "stimulus package" which woudl pump money into are economy.

If they had just listen to me, we wouldnt be in this fine pickle we are in now.

(bold face (type) added for emphasis -mine)

Terrifying News

That Shadow Lands blog has some real terrifying news about a impending glut of refugees that are impending soon.

My question is why is this news being supressed in the USA?

Or is it? Apparently it is also being leaked that their is only like 100 months left to save the planet!

100 MONTHS! Thats only one Obama Presidency plus a month or two of afterglow.

This is worse than anyone knows.

Friday, March 06, 2009


Ok, I'm admit that President Mrs. Obama's gift to Gordon Brown's ( President of England) children (2 boys) was kind of cheesy, but in his / her defense, President Obama is really burning the midnight oil trying to fix Bu$hies shattered economy.

And President Obama has said that we all really need to do are part to make this thing work.

So I was thinking of maybe helping (pitch in) to get some thing nice for Gordon Brown's children on behalf of all the people (especially like minded progressives like myself) of the USA. I was thinking of maybe some Target gift cards.

If you think this would be a great idea (if I say so myself) like that time I sent Green Day CDs to Palestinian children charitys, please say so.

Lets get this thing off the ground!

UPDATE: I am so excite about this project that I went ahead and made a new banner for it so lest get the word out!

UPDATE 3/9/2009 I redid the logo for this campaign from scratch because its important for it to show sincerity

Thursday, March 05, 2009

President Obama To Meet The Queen (of England)

What a tremendous honour!!@!

I bet the following DVDs will be included in her collectors set:

  1. Diary of a Mad Black Woman
  2. Star Trek III: The Search For Spock
  3. Dolemite
  4. Adventures In Babysitting
  5. Wall Street
  6. Mr. Bean's Holiday
  7. Don't Be A Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood
  8. Dumb & Dumber
  9. White Chicks
  10. The Devils Rejects
  11. A Fish Called Wanda
  12. 28 Days Later
  13. Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch
  14. Dorf on Golf
  15. Play Misty for Me
  16. Flashdance
  17. Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo
  18. Scanners
  19. D. C. Cab
  20. D2: The Mighty Ducks
  21. Frankenpenis
  22. Universal Soldier
  23. Soul Food
  24. Highlander 2
  25. Mr. Nanny

This list is sort of a suggestion too because I heard one time the queen (of England) is a huge fan of movies.

If They Played Warcraft

Bu$h would be a Death Knight

Tom Coburn would be a Fiscally Responsible Elf.


I some times like to imagine what I would do in someones elses shoes.

Like, if I was that Brown guy from England and President Obama gave me like 25 DVD's (which is real generous really......most I ever get on my birthday is like 2 or 3) I would be all like:


Then I wonder if President Obama came over to watch movies, what would I have to munch on?

Do British people like Pringles?

I also wonder if the Brown's got to sleep on a futon or a foldaway bed when they visited President Obama and his family, or if they just stayed at the Best Western. If I was President Obama, I would be all like:

"You guys can sleep on the futon if you want or we could get a sleeping bag on the floor and watch movies all night."

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Keep It In Perspective

Being a life long progressive in a RED state (Utah) I have learned that in order to reason with people, especially neocons who are typically unreasonable (also poor hygiene, uneducate, rednecks, preconceived notions, etc) it is important to have a spirit of give and take. Because they are entirely predictable, you (progressive, like me) can enter into a discussion and just like "throw" them a "bone" and when they think you cede ground they let their guard down and you (progressive) end up winning the arguement (always happens when you follow this simple startegy).

I tell you (reader) that to tell you this story. See, the neocon blog world is all up in arms about this story where Robert Gibbs (not sure, I tink he's President Obama's MAIN secretary) totally laid the smack down on some reporter who was all like: "Obama needs to stop his agenda because the market is collapsed!".

Anyways, that instapundit guy (Blog) has the video that started this whole uproar. Its really long winded. So is the video. But here is where the exercise in give and take comes in. See, I will concede to the neocons that Okay, the stock market appears to be in some kind of slump now. I just threw them (neocons) a bone.

There I said it. The stock market APPEARS to be in some kind of slump (not that I think anyone really knows the reason).

Now, if there is a reasonable neocon out there (yah right hahhaha) and we were to engage in a level-headed (rational) discussion they will be like: "Yeah, it really looks like a possible slump".

Then I would say something like what President Obama's MAIN secretary said:

"I'm not entirely sure what he's pointing to to make some of the statements," said Gibbs. "And you can go back and look at any number of statements he's made in the past about the economy and wonder where some of the back-up for those are too."

When pressed further by Costello, Gibbs said, "If you turn on a certain program it's geared to a very small audience. No offense to my good friends, or friend at CNBC. But the President has to look out for the broader economy and the broader population."

Then I will point out that their comparisons to that one guy from the Iraq War who everyone made fun of (ILLUSTRATION ABOVE) are completely unfair and possibly hurtful.

In theory, the reasonable neocon will then agree and stop propagating that image. I think the dudes name was Baghdad Bob (moniker). Anyways its a good strategy and tried and true. If you (reader) have this conversation, which will probaly come up alot lately, try it out and you will see how good it works and then maybe write up a report and post here. Its really works.

More good News!

This is really is a feel good story. Its really special to see when someone of Snoop (Doggy) Dogg changes over a new leaf and goes from being violent / drugs and joins the Nation of Islam (pbuh).

Snoop Dogg, real name Calvin Broadus, talked about his reasons for joining the religious group in relatively loose terms. "I'm an advocate for peace. I've been in the peace movement ever since I've been making music,"

This is a real enlightning point here because it tells me two (2) things that I had no idea that they are what they were:
  1. I TOTALLY did'nt know that his real name (birth name) is CALVIN BROADUS.
  2. Thats really caught me off guard.
Its nice to know that even if I am not a listener of his music, he has been progressive this whole time. Its like a treat, like when you wake up to go to school and then suddenly remeber that its SATURDAY and you dont have school (unless you have a Saturday class that you totally spaced out) or like when you find a M&M on your desk. Also, he's totally representing.

In short its nice to see some young black guys who decide to renounce there life of violence (drugs / pimping hoes / gang) which I will admit we all did at one time and convert over to Islam. I find it refreshening.

WE're #1!

It seems like because Utah is a bastion of neocondom, we (utah) are always comeing in dead last in everything. LIke math scores. Scholastics. Basketball. Etc.

But now we (Utah) finally got a #1 in something.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Hot Army Chick in the News (MIFL)

Theres this one woman who is in the news (Army woman I think) who is in the news because she does not want to go back to the army with her kids. I think thats the jizt of it.

But the point of the story should be WTF?? That picture she looks like she has fangs.

I mean she is hot. Really hot. I could even say she is a MIFL!! But this picture does her no justice just like Bush did not do her justice when he made her go into the army with her kids.

Really she is totaly hot and if that guy wasn't with her, I'd be all like: "hey, baby".

Chicks with kids are hot because that proofs they put out.

Man Stuffs Cat in Bong


I had a cat one time that was relly harshing my mellow but instead of putting him in a bong I put him in a laundry bag.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Just a THought

Every one thought that Batman movie with George Clooney and Christina Applegate sucked but I thought it was pretty good.