Thursday, February 26, 2009

Special request

I'm noticeing on that feejit thing on the side of this (STN2209) blog that lots of people from China are starting to visit.

If their is a China guy here (visiting) who can recomend a good power leveling service (also secure) and also sells gold at a low low rat of $14.95 ( or maybe less) per million I could realy use that information. You could just spam the inofrmation in comments under this post.

What I am wanting to do is that I have this new gnome toon who is on the cuttig edge of progressive game play. Check ths out. I want him to be all the way to level 80 without useing a weapon in anger or defense. See, my gnome toons whill live my lifestyle too. Also I want lots of gold to redistribute to n00bs.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I just looked some thing up and I have to correct a embarassing mistake.

On this post about chicks who want ot get it on because there old (still alive), I mistakely said that Chynna Phillips was in Heart (old 1980s rock & roll band). That information was in error.

Chynna Phillips was not realy in Heart. She was in Wham (other 1980s rock & roll band).

I was totally thinking of Camryn Manheim who is in Heart.

Thats realy embarassing to me because when I started Stop The Neocons2008 blog, I said that atention to details will / would be a hallmark of this blog. I appopligize for this miscommunication.

Racism Primer

Something that is relly pissing me off (pardon language) about the neocons' ongoing boobery about the progressives finally resting control of the White House (Washington) from the Bush-Cheney junta is that they (neocons) are still not over the race issue. Its like I want to shout from the roof/mountain tops: "Dude, its post racial America now, get with the times!!"

They are all like: "When Chimpy Bushitler was dictator, you were all like 'Hes a chimp'".

And progressives are all like: "Yeah, but he was"

And the neocons are like: "Well Bu$h is gone so we want to call Obama a chimp because thats what you did to Bu$h"

But you know what? its not the same. There is two things one needs to consider.
  1. Progressives (like minded: IE me) came up with the whole bush = chimp thing. So if you are a neocons and reading this I have one word for you: Come up with your own thing!
  2. For a black American, being compared to a chimp is especially hurtful because neocons and rethuglicans are racist by nature.
So now because no one els e in the progresive blog world will step up to the plate (most are use to there disent being squashed after 10 long years of the Bushcheneyrove thugocracy) I am going to come out and say it because this is how post racial America has to be (draw the line in plane english).

I know the neocons will be all like: "Thats not fair"

But Im all like: "Whatever dude. It is what it is." Because that (it) is what it is.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Heath Ledger Oscar

I am TOTALLY stoked.

Heath Ledger won the Oscar for Batman. A feat made all the more amazing because Heath Ledger is dead. This is the first time a dead actor ever got an award for Batman. I admit I had tears in my eyes when his uncle accepted the award on his behalf. That's not an endorsement on his uncle by the way. I dont trust that guy. His eyes are shifty.

But looking at the big picture, whats more inspiring is that this moment marked a pivotal moment in gay cinema history. Never before has a actor from Brokeback Mountain ever died and then won a oscar. It may be to early to be calling this, but it has the POTENTIAL to open the door to a new era of enlightenment. It was way more momentous than anyone expected.

Conspicuously absent, by the way, was Mary-Kate Olsen, who appears to have gotten away with murder.

If There is Any 40 Year old Chicks That Want to Hook Up, Please Email Me

A fascinating article here about 40+ women who become total nymphos.

AT 48, Philippa is vivacious, attractive and is having the best sex of her life. "It's quite wonderful," she says. "If you'd told me at 28 that this would be happening, I'd never have believed it."

But there's a catch. "It's great sex, but it's not with my husband. To be absolutely honest, he's the last man on the planet I'd want to have sex with."

Thats frickin' hot!

Philippa is by no means the only 40-something having a great time in the bedroom. In a survey of 2000 women carried out in Britain by Health Plus magazine, 77 per cent said that their sex life was at its best in their 40s; 82 per cent of that age group also said that sex was as important to them as it had ever been. Other surveys echo these conclusions — one carried out in the US, for instance, found that women in their 40s want to have sex more often than younger women.


A lot of women in their 40s seem to share this sense that they suddenly have time to indulge themselves. Having brought up their toddlers, they have more freedom to go out again and relax with their husband, their partner — or indeed, someone else entirely.


For Quilliam, another key factor in the 40s sexual peak is that this is the age at which we really start railing against the inevitability of death."The menopause rehearses our mortality," she says. "We have to face the fact that we're no longer able to have babies, no longer able to pass on life. We're losing our looks: it's a wake-up call to the fact that we won't go on forever, that one day in the no longer impossibly distant future, we're going to die.

And sex and death are very closely related. Put crudely, we f--- to prove we're alive."


I mean HOLY SHIT!! Who Knew?

I do have to disagree with one part. That one chick from Heart (Chynna Phillips) is forty something and she is still SMOKING HOT.

They Say "Man Crush" Like It's A Bad Thing

CNN (Center for Neocon News) just put up this gem:

(CNN) — It has become one of MSNBC host Chris Matthew's most infamous lines of the 2008 presidential election:

"I felt this thrill going up my leg," Matthews said the night Obama resoundingly defeated rival Hillary Clinton in the Virginia and Maryland Democratic primaries.

And former CBS News Correspondent Bernard Goldberg, who has long alleged liberal bias in the media, highlighted that line as indicative of the media's "slobbering" press coverage of candidate Obama during his campaign for the White House.

"That's not commentary, that's a man-crush," Goldberg declared on CNN's Reliable Sources Sunday.

Like THAT's a bad thing!!1

This one hits close to home really. Its especialy hurtful because even I have felt the joy of a throbbing man crush (purely hetero-platonic btw) on occasions. Its perfectly natural / healthy because it (man crush) helps men form ideations about what they want to be and motivates them (us) to strive for that ever elusive masculine ideal.

I Question Thier Patriotism

Some one had to do it. These rabble rousers who are rousing the rabble against President Obama at every turn. Its like he cant do right by any of them (the rabble rousers).

I hearby question their patriotism. If their was a form to do this (make it official) I would be on it in a heart beat.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

About Time

All I'm saying is that its about time that someone questioned Mark Steyns patriotism.

His radicla ideas are dangerous along the lines of Ted Nuget and that dude from AC DC (Austrian rock band).

Hot Economy Women on The News

Not sure if this is news (or not) but one thing is without question: That brown haired woman on the clip was/is smokin' hot.

She could TOTALLY crunch MY numbers.


I have to tell you now that if Heath LEdger does not win a couple of oscars and a life time achievemet award for his inspiring body of work in Brokeback Mountain, Batman and The Goonies then it will be the worst injustice since that one ElNachie guy didnt get the Nobel Prize.

This is serious!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Missed Appointment

I totally intended to participate in this great opportunity for community activism but I was not able to make it due to a appointment with my paroll officer. It was a long story which I have not yet told but whats most important to remember (morale of the story) is their is never a good reason to be at the park and naked, even if your so called friends set you up and then stole your clothes then laugh at you not being able to leave the rest room until after dark and a county sheriff "just happens" to drive by before you can run all the way home.

Ball Rolling

This website is taking the ball which I got rolling with my frank and honest discussion about is President Obama a neocon. Of course I already got the answer to this question and it makes perfect sense but now they want to have a poll.

Yah right. Like you can ordain someone (President Obama) a neocon simply by popular vote. Thats not how neocondom works.

Its a complicated process.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chill Out

This dude needs to chill out. Doesnt he know he is talking about treason?!?


Plus this is racism

Is President Obama A Neocon?

The big debate raging these days in all the main progressive blogs out their is IS President Obama a neocon? Both sides of this debate are very passionate about there sides of the argument and so far (debate rageing for since the middle of Jan(uary). You have progressives on one side who say that No, President Obama is uneqivocally NOT a neocon. But then progressives on the other side of the isle say that Yes, President Obama is most defintly a neocon.

Who's to say which side of this hot topic debate is right?

Its mostly important to look at the evidence on both sides before making a guess about is President Obama a neocon and so to help you all out, I will incapsulate the whole of the bodys of evidence involved here. In a nut shell.

The PResident Obama is A Neocon camp lists these evidences as proof of his neocondom:
  • He is escalating the war is Afghanistan by sending more toops their ON TOP of the 36,000 already being held captive (PWO's).
  • His stimulus mostly helped the rich and those who stand to prophet most from war (Haliburton got bail-out money)
  • He has not yet done enough for Palestain which still labors under the yoke of Israel's opression.
  • He kept that one guy in the Pentagon who worked for Bu$h.

In contract, the President Obama is NOT an Neocon camp says those are good talking points but we submit these points for your arousal.
  • He is curently negotating terms of are withdrawl from Bu$h's war of subjugation on IRaq (for oil).
  • His stimulus undid the disasterous damages done on are welfare system by Bu$h's dad the othre Bu$h (sr.)
  • He is negotiate peace with Iran and Syria (serously what did the neocons have against those people anyways)?
  • He cares about the poor. Mostly black.

And so. Considering the evidence argued by both sides (President Obana is a Neocon vs. President Obama is a NOT a Neocon) which are pretty convinceing arguments on the face, I can say with like 86% assurences that the evidence overwhelmingly weighs in favor of the President Obama is NOT a Neocon. Seriously I doubt that my weighing in on this matter will sway either camps away from the chaos that is the Progressive blog world. To many feelings have been hurt and to many outstanding Progressive blogers have already became disillusioned with there peers. Sadly I think the damage is done and the Porgressive blog world will never been the same.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

US POWs in Afghanistan!!!

This is shocking news that is just now coming to light now that Bushs rain of terror is finally over. When his brownshirts were surpressing the press you never saw stories like this: (exerped below):

THE 36,000 US troops in Afghanistan are prisoners of war.

Oh boy I thought the chimp miss managed the Iraq war but this one really takes the cake. AND EATS IT TOO!

We're now on the verge of doubling our troop commitment to a mismanaged war that lacks sane goals and teeters toward inanity.

Fortunatly it does not look like it appears to be to late. President Obama can still turn this think around first an d formost by turning those troops around and driving them home before they to can be captured!

Staying left us with criminally vulnerable logistics

Oh boy. More Bush war crimes.

Our botched deployment to Afghanistan as warriors who morphed into squatters defies military logic, history and common sense.

So did the 20 years of Bush presidency we had to endure.

We're going to build Disneyworld on the Kabul River.

This is the power of positive thinking mixed with HOPE which can bring about CHANGE. This author of this artical hit the nail on the head right out of the ball park. This is the kind of out of the box thinking (revolutionary) that was sorely missing during the Bush disaster. A project like this (Kabul Disneyworld) would bring jobs to the jobless and awesome rides to millions of Afghanistany children who probaly never even seen a roller coaster.

Monday, February 16, 2009

No War Crimes Trials?

This is not to say that President Obama (its important to adress the President as the President)(capitol P because its a formal title) has done anything bad. Which he has not.

I am just asking why is it were in the first 100 days of President Obama's Presidency and still no war crimes trials for BushCheneyRumsfeld & Co? Their is nothing Bush could have on President Obama, like holding it over him per say. But I dont know, did Bushs jackboots do something or are maybe holding some one that President Obama holds dear? Like his brother or grandma?

I dont know. It just makes no since at this point.


You know just because America entered a new era of porgressive thoughts etc (elected Obama YAY!!) is no reason now to stop the calls for impeaching Bush and his stogie who almost stole the election (McCain).

Also its my birthday today and I'm back kind of.

Also that stuff you may soon here about me being an registered alleged sex offender. Well its not as bad as it sounds I will give my side of the story when its time.