Sunday, February 22, 2009

Heath Ledger Oscar

I am TOTALLY stoked.

Heath Ledger won the Oscar for Batman. A feat made all the more amazing because Heath Ledger is dead. This is the first time a dead actor ever got an award for Batman. I admit I had tears in my eyes when his uncle accepted the award on his behalf. That's not an endorsement on his uncle by the way. I dont trust that guy. His eyes are shifty.

But looking at the big picture, whats more inspiring is that this moment marked a pivotal moment in gay cinema history. Never before has a actor from Brokeback Mountain ever died and then won a oscar. It may be to early to be calling this, but it has the POTENTIAL to open the door to a new era of enlightenment. It was way more momentous than anyone expected.

Conspicuously absent, by the way, was Mary-Kate Olsen, who appears to have gotten away with murder.

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