Friday, March 28, 2008

Hot womans dog thrown from bridge

This is a horrible story about this woman who is real hot as you can see in her picture (cant tell if that is a stud in her nose or some kind of growth but she is still way hot) and her dog was thrown from a bridge.

The owner is especially grateful. She was going to have to take out a loan to pay off the $1,500 bill.

If Bush didnt wreck are economy she could probably pay these bills without taking out a loan. So realy if you think about, Bush is partialy responsible (I'd say 78-85%) for the plight of this poor creature and the hot chick who almost had to pay the bill.

Seven is home with her owner tonight, but the next four to six weeks are going to be a little bit different for both of them. Dr. Nathan Cox, with Cottonwood Animal Hospital says, "Seven is doing excellent, in really good spirits, [she's] eating and drinking."

I think Seven is the dog.

It's been a rough past couple days for the 1-year-old boxer. She was seen being tossed from the 3900 South overpass onto I-15 and likely landed on her jaw, breaking it. But her veterinarian says Seven will pull through. Cox says, "We had to extract five teeth from her. And then we had to put an external skeletal fixture on that to stabilize the jaw."

She'll have the fixture on for a while, held in place by five pins, and she'll have to wear a cone. But Seven is licking her wounds, and she will be back to new in four to six weeks with no long-term repercussions.

That girl in the picture (link above) is real hot, btw. Notice if you look at the picture you can see some cleavage. I mean, I dont want this (Stop The Neocons2008) blog to be all about hot chicks, but yeah. Shes real hot.

Donations have rolled in all day. All of Seven's bills have been paid off. Any extra donations will be put to good use too. Paige Croswhite works at the Cottonwood Animal Hospital. She says the money "would go to other cases like this."

How many dogs does Bush have to kill before America wakes up?

Haley Savage, Seven's owner, says, "I did not expect any of this."

Now that Savage doesn't have to worry about paying for Seven's care, she can focus on taking care of her. She says, "I get to hand feed her for four weeks, but it's worth it to get her jaw fixed."

I wish I could get that womans name. You can tell by her hair and piercings and smile thats full of hope and life that she has some strong progressive leanings. I mean its prety apparent that me and her have lots in common.

Also in a related story, "two dogs" (neocon) from "mean ol meany blog" is reserching ethnic cleansing and starvation information. This is troubleing especialy given his racist viewpoints discussed in my last epiphany discussion. It woul not suprise me at all if "two dogs" (if that is his REAL name) drives a red truck. Its all coming together.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Epiphany (another)

This came to me when I was thinkig about the guy from instapunk who was being throw to the wolves on the weekend (hope its not Emerson).

It all goes back to are man, Barrack Obama who has said that we (America) should have a discussion about race. Well leave it open-ended like that and we have the makings of a disaster in the making because Americans are not as polished as are European counterparts. Their would be fighting and bloodshed (metaphoricaly speaking) and in the end nothing would be done. Thats not what I think Obama would want. I think he would qualify his staement a little and say:

"It's time for white America to have a discussion on race and when its over let black America know what you came up with."

I think this is the only way to hash this out without fighting / arguing.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Does any one know if this Old Punk is the same as the other Old Punk who I use to have a hetero-platonic man crush on/with?

Because if its the same guy (Emerson) then its a shame to see him being savaged (metaphoricaly). Its like in wrestling when there is a heel and hes watching a baby face getting beat up and has a crisis of conscience then goes to help the baby face and he in turn becomes a baby face (which in he business is called "turning face").

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Ok look. Hears the thing.

I'm a avowed Obama man, ok? But I know a knon-scandal when I see one. I'm like, "COME-ON NEOCONS! Take off your HATE BLINDERS and see THIS non-story for what it realy is (non-story).

(CNN) -- Sen. Hillary Clinton said she "misspoke" last week when she gave a dramatic description of her arrival in Bosnia 12 years ago, recounting a landing under sniper fire.

SEE? Simple misspokement. We all do it!

"I say a lot of things -- millions of words a day -- so if I misspoke, that was just a misstatement," she said.

Bottom line: shes a women so shes going to talk alot. No big wup. Wheres the controversy in that?

"I was told we had to land a certain way, we had to have our bulletproof stuff on because of the threat of sniper fire. I was also told that the greeting ceremony had been moved away from the tarmac but that there was this 8-year-old girl and, I can't, I can't rush by her, I've got to at least greet her -- so I greeted her, I took her stuff and then I left. Now that's my memory of it."

Look. We all saw the video on You Tube. This is clearly what happened. She took that girls stuff. Simply as that!

So yeah. Hillery made a misstatement. Thats it. The neocons have there bone and eat it to. They should at least be classy about it like Barrick Obama is doing so right now. Could we please just get along with a friendly and warm-spirited campagin now?

Thanks for the non-event, neocons! Hahaha

UPDATE: Besides its not like misspoke is a lie. Geez, wake up people!!!1

Monday, March 24, 2008

Need Help

UPDATE: Still no pics of the woman I almost scored with but its getting prety serious...almost did lunch a second time!

Anyways hear is the question: When we were out I noticed a long, tube like object in her coat pocket when she went to take a crap. I didnt look at it because that would be rude, like going through her stuff when shes not looking. Any ways, it was abbout the size as a cigar. Does any one have any idea what this could have been?

Its not a pen because I asked her later if she had a pen I coudl borrow and she had one in her purse. Why put a pen in your pocket if you already have one in your purse? Makes sense.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Not like that

Its not like I endoarse the idea that the end all goal of any relationships with a woman should be to score. I mean to be honest, scoring is a important part of any relationship (maybe top 3 of any relationship). Just thats just not the whole goal.

Relationships is about 3 things:

  • deep emotional bonds (both cry (together) when watching Ghost)
  • talking and not fighting when one or both is drunk
  • scoring
Thats it. This aint rocket science. So yah, I almost scored but also we almost connected on a deep emotional level and thats most important (chicks love to here that).

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Almost Scored

WEll like the last post previous to this one said, I almost scored (with a woman) last week (friday). It was real awsome.

We were in the libray (college library) and were just HIT IT OFF just like that. I saw her their a few times. She is all into progressive ideal (enviroment, Obama, Green Day, etc) and as you have guessed, well so am I.

Any ways I was all smooth. I was like: "So you want to do lunch?"
Then she was all like: "okay"
Then I was like: "Chillys?"
And she was like: "okay"

Then we got there and if I dont say so my self, I was totaly smooth, and when we set in the booth (near the kitchen / restroom), I was like: "Let me get your coat".
And she totally let me!

Then we ordered food and talk and when it was all over we left and on the way out she was all happy (I think) and was like: "we shoudl do that again"
Then I was like: "okay".

I have tot ell you (pour my heart out again) it was so cool and it was closest I ever got to scoring with a women (in on the old STNDM blog I had lost of blog women lined up). Some time later this week maybe when she is not looking I am goign to take a picture maybe with a cell phone if I can borrow one or sneak one with a camera and post it hear for the world to see so you all know that I'm totaly 100$ into women!


FYI I'm not dead yet. I know some (may) have been wondering if I was dead because I didnt blog for a few days. Well I am hear to tell you that I am not dead.

Plus I almost scored over the weekend (with a chick (woman). Interesting story maybe for later.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Observation 3

You know after the whole Spitser thing with that one realy hot prostitute, which oh by the way that one pic with her white bathing suit, you know how she's sitting on a white towel? Well, I wonder if she would be interested in selling it to me. The towel I mean. Its like I would totaly spend $4100 on her if I had that much money but I am a starving college student (also a vetran) and cant afford that much (maybe pell grant???). But I could probaly afford to buy a used bath towel from her.

Anyways I was thinknig that all the neocons are up in arms again about this (prositute and Spitser thing) and I made this observation: Whenever people say prostitution is a victim-less crime and then other people get all high and mighty and disagree, those people are usually ugly.

Its realy weird if you ask me.

Spitser Update

Oh man I would TOTALY spend $4100 on that chick.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Okay I dont know what the big deal is with that one guy who got busted for prostitutes. I mean,who hasnt paid money for sex?

I think their is a bigger story hear. That story being that the guy (busted w/prostatute) looks like Bill Cowher, and I'm not saying Bill Cowher needs to pay women for sex (who hasn't?) (besides women are hot for his moustache), but they (cops) need to look real close and be sure they got the right guy (maybe it was Cowher and they got the other guy (governor).

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Heath Ledger Speaks from Beyond The Grave

People Magazine is reports that Heath Ledger had a will:

Ledger's will – filed in Australia in April 2003, before Williams and before his Oscar nomination for Brokeback Mountain – left everything he owned to his parents and sister

Its a small arcticle and their is no mention if that he suspected that Mary-Kate Olsen might have been wanting to kill him, but an interesting omission not in the story is the fact that he did not include Mary-Kate in his will almost like he knew their was always something fishy about that woman.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Pool Story

This is the story of what hapened at the pool over the summer because "stoorat" keeps taking it up on himself to question my oreintation even after I prooved it mathmatically.

Ok now over the summer (last summer) when I was between school (communit college) and looking for work, which is realy hard in these days since Bush wrecked the economy, I use to go to the recreation center and play in the pool (swim). They also had weight lifting stuff and things like exercise bikes and areobics.

Well on Mondays through Thursday(s) in the morning they would had areobics classes for all the stay at home moms in the area (MILFs mostly) but some of them were'nt moms. I think some were married but not with kids (MLILFs) but what ever. They were all hot (mostly but some weren't) and always did aerobics the same times. Naturaly those was the best mornings to go to the weight lifting part and maybe play on the exercise bikes or whatever because the aerobics class was close and they had a big window you could look in and watch. I think also they had class in the mornings so people would'nt ogle, etc but whatever. They also had lots of college guys on week days who were relly well built (muscular form lifting weights) and would always do things like "spot" each other which I think meant stand near the other guy and yell "push" or something. I dont know.

Anyways I wet their one day in the morning so I could get some exercise (on a exercise bike) before time to go into the pool and the areobics class just happened to be going on right after I got there. So I was exerciseing the whole time these hot women were aerobicking and I was realy enjoying myself and must admit I was really excited when it was over, but like all things, aerobic class at the rec center must come to an end and thats when its time to go into the pool. So I left the working out room and went ot the locker room to change.

This part is real embarasing but vital to understand the incdent. I had just took my shorts off (to put on swiming shorts) and this college guy walked by (buzz cut hair, tank top, big white teeth, one dimple (left corner of his mouth) and muscles out to hear I kid you not). Also I mentioned on the paragraph above that I was real worked up from aerobics (hot women)...well I had just came from their and did not had enough time to relax down. But this dude just walked by at the wrong time and saw my magnificent package then he made eye contact with me and WINKED.

Well as you can image, that was real embarasing for me so I got my swiming shorts on and went the other direction he came from so he would not wink again but their was no where to go but the bath room area so I pretend like I was squeezing out some kidney juice to give the other guy some time to leave and there above the urinal is this thing that said some thing like that days date and "steam room" and "show hard" (didnt know what that meant but I think I know now). Well you can imaging that I had to get out of their in a hurry so I went the other way toward where the way to the pool was, but when I was getting close I heard guy voices coming and I was real nervous that it was this dude that WINKED at me so their was a wooden door on my left side and it was unlocked so I went inside...

Now you can guess who was in there and he was smiling had only had a towel on and we made eye contact again!

I was all like: "hey there".
Then he was all like: "Hi" but his eyes were wandering all over my body which I felt completely violated.
Then he was all like: "Whats your name?"
And I was all like: "Dean04Prez" but I used my real name (not Dean04Prez).
And he was all like: "I'm Steve" but he used his real name I think (I mad eup 'Steve' so if he reads this he doesnt know it was me).
Then he was all like: "well have a seat down" and "dont be nervous I dont bite" then he laughed.
I was all not wanting to be rude or embarass him because it was pretty aparent that he was gay (nothing wrong with that, btw), so I was like: "ok but I cant be hear long"
Then he was like: "thats cool" and got up and set down next to me.
Then he was all like: "what are you in to"?
And I was all: "Um...politics and progressive issues (enviroment, anti-war, ect)"
And he was all like: "Oh yeah?" And kept sliding closer to me.
I was all: "Yeah I really disapprove of Bush handling of the economy (wrecked) and the quagmire in Iraq"

Then, as I am explaining my positions he put his hand on my leg by my swim shorts and it scared me because I forgot what I was saying. I was like thinking to myself "what is happening hear?"

Well I thing he took my quietude for quiet acceptants because his hand did not stop near my swim shorts and he in fact touched my junk....but its ok because I left shortly there after and went straight for home. But the moral of this story was it was the hot chicks in aerobics class that did it for me, not the dude with his hand on my equipment.

Thursday, March 06, 2008


As posted before, Senater Bill Quick is still highering a editor for his blog. The is a ideal way for some one to get an "in" into the seedy under belly of Washington poiltics.

Also this ia s reminder to Senator Quick that this is my blog and you can refrance most of my recent written works here. I dont thing he has filled the position yet but I still expect a phone call (maybe email)(who knows) any day now.

Public Service

Look. Lets say you went to the bathroom to tap a kidney (urban slang for pee (urinate) and while you were doing that you noticed a strong or foul odor coming from your urine. In olden days that would make you thing you had to much asparagus or garlic in your diet and you would just keep going. Well, I have news for you. It could be bad.

Strong or foul urine odor could be cause by any of these following ailments:

  • urinary track infection (also cause bed wetting)
  • cystitis (bacterial infection in your meat whistle)
  • kidney infection (kidney dimples)
  • menopause (mostly for women)
  • prostatitis (means you have to have your pooper checked)

So be sure to see a doctor or obgyn as soon as possible if your urine stinks.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Now that he unpleasentness is out of the way we need to refocus on the purpose of this blog (

To do so I created this new banner:

Remove All Doubt About my Oreintation

Ok look. I admit that my epiphany post was long winded and that may be why so many people are haveing trouble understanding this. It should'nt be so hard to figure out if you just read the whole post okay? I dont know how many more ways to put it. I mean, my sexual orientation could be put in purely mathmatical terms as follows:

  • Dean04Prez (me)(not real name) ≠ Gay

As proof of the mathmatical formula above is completely true you only have to look at the facts of the whole matter:

  • I think hot chicks are hot
  • I like pootang just like other guys
  • Im senative in a purley hetero fashion
  • I dont cry at movies

I hope this clarifys things a little so there is no more confusion.

Found Job Opportunity

Senator Bill Quick is highering an editor for his blog.

Although I have not yet recieved the job offer I am remain confident that it is forth coming. I know I am the most qualified for the job. In fact next quarter Im going to look into signing up for a journalism class

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Washed up Scrub Retires

Brett Favre retired and hears the fitting tribute:

Monday, March 03, 2008

Epiphany (ong story, bear with me)

Let me preface this by mentoining it is sometimes behooves high profile blogers like myself to pour out are hearts into our blog because that is real good for blog world cred. Think about it.

Tonight as I was browsing throug some old blogs I came across a neocon blog that was talking about Barrick Obama. It (they) was all in a indignent tone (writing) talking about a quote that Obama had:

My job this morning is to be so persuasive…that a light will shine through that window, a beam of light will come down upon you, you will experience an epiphany, and you will suddenly realize that you must go to the polls and vote for Barack.

That quote (brillant oratoricalmanship to be honest) got me thinging about last time I had a epiphany. It went something like this:

I was in polsci 101 (politcal science 101) class (college class (community college)) and the discussion on that particular day was about the folly of Regans ludicrus economic policys (tirckle down theorys etc) and how they wrecked the USSR (selfishly) and set them back 20 years and only finaly coming back in to there own.

Anyways their was this chick in the class that had real great legs and a leather skirt and she was saying something (cant remember what). She was had like REALY dark hair and had those big ear rings (hoops). Which reminds me (not relevent to this story but interesting note), I touched her hair one time and she turned around and acted irritated but I was real smooth about it by pretending I was shuffling some papers. I think she bought it. But so after I touched her hair and things got back to normal I was smelling my fingers because I was curiuos if her hair scent would rub off on my fingers beause not only was she totaly hot, but she smelled like a angel. Kind of a melon and cucumber sent to be honest. I also found myself, like when she would go into her purse for gum or pens, etc, I would always be trying to steal a glance on what was in her purse. Because isnt that what you always wonder? What do totaly hot chicks carry in there purse?

Then I had my epiphany. I dont know how to decribe it other than it was a sudden realization about a great and momentous truth. Just like out of a bolt of the blue it struck me:

If I am so interested in about how this chick looks (great legs) and smells good and whats in her purse and how sometimes she stains a little lipstick on the rim of her coffee cup and you can see the natural indentations and ridges makeing up the natral structure of her lips (which were real full to), I just cant be gay.

Their is a real long story to that epiphany but it makes sense and it all goes back to this informative and well-written post by (my idle) Andrew Sullivan about "gay-chicken" in which guys almost kiss but then dont.

See their was this time in my youth when I some times had anger issues (dad isolated and neglectful emotional cripple and mom alcoholic) but I have addressed those greater issues in group. It was along time ago anyways, time to let bygones be bygones (2006). But their was this time wen I was in a confrontation with this dude (last name Jex....cant remeber first name but I use to call him Jacksoff hahah).

Anyways he (Jexoff) was real mad at me about something I said and he was all up in my face
and usally I didnt get into fights with people that were my fault. For instance their was this one time when another dude came to my house and told me to stop (alleged) harassing his sister (misunderstanding) and then wehn he left I lost my footing and accidentaly punched him in the back of the head (2005). But this guy (Jacksoff) wouldnt turn around and I am not the kind to back down (honor) so I stood my ground.

You know how some times in pro-wrestling the two guys who hate each other are in the wring and arguing and they keep getting closer and closer until there noses almost touch? Well that was what this situation was like. So the antagonist in this instance (Jex) (cant rremember his first name) was right in my face and yelling and I admittedly was yelling back and we just kept getting closer and closer (like in wrestling) and then I dont know what came over me but are lips accidentaly touched for just a split second and but he kept arguing so I dont think he noticed as much as I did. Actually I think are lips probaly accidentaly touched three times but the last time it was becasue someone pushed me into him.

Also let me point out as stated in the body of my epiphany (in bold and italiacs above), I am not gay.

Anyways, that post my the great Andrew Sullivan yesterday brought it all home. See, its not like a couple accidental kisses with a guy (in a argument) makes some one gay. It was just a real heated game of Gay Chicken.

Need More Info

Does anyone know Emerson?

He was real old before. Hopefuly he is still with us. I thing his blog is on what we in the buisness call 'hiatus'.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Oscar Winner Calls a Duck a Duck

In the neocon Amerika, Oscar winners cant call a duck a duck:

Oscar winner Marion Cotillard raised eyebrows around the world Saturday when it emerged that she doubted the official account of the 9/11 attacks.

"I think we're lied to about a number of things," Cotillard said during an interview with a French television program,

Yeah. Like thinks like the Iraq war. There always lying to us so why not say so.

The 32-year-old French actress jeopardized the good will created by her Oscar win by suggesting that the towers, planned in the early 1960s, were an outdated "money sucker" that would have cost more to update than to destroy.

Thats just like the (neocon controlled main-stream media) to take away goodwill when someone who is progressive (and like minded, like myself) says whats on there mind. But thas what I have been saying for years on Stop The Neocons Blog(s).

Also, incidentaly I think when women win a Oscar I dont have a probelm calling it a Oscar but maybe it would be more approprate to call it a Oscaress. Just a thought.