Thursday, March 27, 2008

Epiphany (another)

This came to me when I was thinkig about the guy from instapunk who was being throw to the wolves on the weekend (hope its not Emerson).

It all goes back to are man, Barrack Obama who has said that we (America) should have a discussion about race. Well leave it open-ended like that and we have the makings of a disaster in the making because Americans are not as polished as are European counterparts. Their would be fighting and bloodshed (metaphoricaly speaking) and in the end nothing would be done. Thats not what I think Obama would want. I think he would qualify his staement a little and say:

"It's time for white America to have a discussion on race and when its over let black America know what you came up with."

I think this is the only way to hash this out without fighting / arguing.


Two Dogs said...

Yeah, who needs the darkies' input, you racist.

Dean04Prez (back again) said...

Hey now.

Those who lives in glass houses shouldnt throw to many stones.

Anon. said...

that's a really bizarre and racist take on dean04prez's suggestion, 2dogs. psychologists call this 'projection'. The idea is to have less arguing and fighting. I'm 100% behind him on this one and I'm sure obama is too.

Dean04Prez (back again) said...

And racist too.

two dogs is clealry trying to undermine racial dialog in America.
Its a typical neocon response.

Two Dogs said...

I hate races.

Dean04Prez (back again) said...

Their is no room here for that kind of intolerants.

stoorat said...

All of this talk about races really bothers me. Modern America is so focused on competition, on winners and losers--why do we care so much about who comes in first and who comes in last? Why race at all when we could all just hold hands and walk side by side? Then the fat kids (baby fat, they'll probably grow out of it) with Cheetoz stains on their shirts can feel as good about themselves as the jocks who all the cute cheerleaders like to kiss can be winners and get an equal share of lip-on-lip action.

And aren't we all supposed to be about equality here in America?