Friday, March 06, 2009


Ok, I'm admit that President Mrs. Obama's gift to Gordon Brown's ( President of England) children (2 boys) was kind of cheesy, but in his / her defense, President Obama is really burning the midnight oil trying to fix Bu$hies shattered economy.

And President Obama has said that we all really need to do are part to make this thing work.

So I was thinking of maybe helping (pitch in) to get some thing nice for Gordon Brown's children on behalf of all the people (especially like minded progressives like myself) of the USA. I was thinking of maybe some Target gift cards.

If you think this would be a great idea (if I say so myself) like that time I sent Green Day CDs to Palestinian children charitys, please say so.

Lets get this thing off the ground!

UPDATE: I am so excite about this project that I went ahead and made a new banner for it so lest get the word out!

UPDATE 3/9/2009 I redid the logo for this campaign from scratch because its important for it to show sincerity


1138 said...

The DVD's were a better gift than the bomber jacket that Bush gave Brown, the Helicopters kind of go with the jacket.
BOTH men have more important things to do than swap party favors, I'm sure Brown has access to a region 1 or a region free DVD player.
The biggest gift Obama gave Brown was probably a promise to keep US military bases in Britain in this economy.

Dean04Prez said...

Dude! You relly need to calm down

1138 said...

"Dude", You need to get some perspective.
As for calm... that's perfectly calm, so I guess you must be the on the edge excitable type. Stay away from loud noises.

Dean04Prez said...

No need to be getting defensive, I am just really concerned for your health.

stoorat said...

Dean, why is this 1138 guy so angry all the time?

Anon. said...

I think, personally, being obama pretty much is a gift in and of itself. We are all part of obama's royal 'we' (as in 'we are the change we've been waiting for'). It's sort of greedy to ask for more.

Besides, what's wrong with getting a 25dvd box set thing? (Can't help but feel there's a hint of an insinuation on 1138's part with his 'they have more important things to worry about than giving gifts).
A: It's a damn fine gift (+ patriotic). B: It's tongue in cheek. Sardonic, like Obama Himself. I bet brown had a chuckle about it (and enjoyed the movies too, better than downloading them off the internet in 700MB). Brown would've given Obama a box set of british films except they only made 3 or 4 films so he had to reach down to pieces of wood from old ships, which is quaint enough but is oh-so-serious and ultimately less useful.

Some say giving a gift like that is, well, something Bush would do. They choose to forget that Bush would give completely different films! Also, if Bush were to have done it, it wouldn't be with a self-aware chuckle. The suave, post-modern, sardonic, informal, tongue-in-cheek flair would all be missing. It would just be a 'hey here are some great American movies! I bet you could use these'. Makes me wanna cringe with embarrassment just to think about it.

Dean04Prez said...

Anon has some very valid point, especialy that there are only 3-4 British movies ever made, so realy how could Brown reciprocate?

Seriously after those Mr. Bean movies what else did they have to prove.

Which brings up the question of how would British people spell hollywood?

WOuld it be like: Holleywould or Houllywoud? They use to many 'U's' for my liking to be honest.

I just dont think there an important ally as all the other 170 nations are. But I still belive that we as citizens of the world should come together and get Gordon Browns children some Target gift cards to prove how generous we can be.

1138 said...

1 Trainspotting
2 The Third Man
3 Lawrence of Arabia
4 Kind Hearts and Coronets
5 Get Carter
6 The Ladykillers
7 Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
8 A Matter of Life and Death
9 Snatch
10 The Italian Job
11 Brief Encounter
12 Zulu
13 The 39 Steps
14 The Full Monty
15 A Clockwork Orange
16 Withnail & I
17 Four Weddings and a Funeral
18 Kes
19 Love Actually
20 Billy Elliot
21 Billy Liar
22 Great Expectations
23 Monty Python and the Holy Grail
24 A Canterbury Tale
25 Notting Hill
26 The Wicker Man
27 The Red Shoes
28 This is England
29 If....
30 Monty Python's Life of Brian
31 The Long Good Friday
32 The Lavender Hill Mob
33 Passport to Pimlico
34 Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
35 The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp
36 Bridget Jones's Diary
37 The Bridge on the River Kwai
38 Oh, Mr Porter!
39 Ice Cold in Alex
40 Quadrophenia
41 I Know Where I'm Going
42 Brassed Off
43 Shaun of the Dead
44 The Lady Vanishes
45 Secrets and Lies
46 Shallow Grave
47 The Cruel Sea
48 Alfie
49 Hobson's Choice
50 28 Days Later
51 Dr. Strangelove
52 A Hard Day's Night
53 Local Hero
54 Dead of Night
55 Scrooge
56 Naked
57 Whistle Down the Wind
58 Brazil
59 I'm All Right Jack
60 Performance
61 Genevieve
62 Black Narcissus
63 Whisky Galore
64 The Remains of the Day
65 School For Scoundrels
66 The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
67 Don't Look Now
68 The Man In The White Suit
69 Gregory's Girl
70 Hell Drivers
71 Human Traffic
72 A Room with a View
73 Brighton Rock
74 2001: A Space Odyssey
75 This Happy Breed
76 Green for Danger
77 Chariots of Fire
78 Dead Man's Shoes
79 About a Boy
80 Sexy Beast
81 The Dam Busters
82 Odd Man Out
83 Ask a Policeman
84 Shakespeare in Love
85 Educating Rita
86 Layer Cake
87 Pride and Prejudice
88 Scum
89 In Which We Serve
90 Doctor Zhivago
91 Peeping Tom
92 The Man Who Would Be King
93 The English Patient
94 Goldfinger
95 Tunes of Glory
96 Sense and Sensibility
97 Sliding Doors
98 Went the Day Well?
99 Oliver Twist
100 Night of the Demon

Only 3 or 4 British movies ever made?
That list is just the top 100

NOTJakeTapper said...

dude, you cant make up movie titles and then say they were made in britain

1138 said...

"Dude" You need to follow the link I didn't make -any- of those up.

NOTJakeTapper said...

Once again your anger is cloud your judgement. Also, stop lying.

1138 said...

I'm not lying about anything kid so stuff it back in your box and go cry.
There's no anger, so there's no clouded judgment.

Follow the link. Tell you what you don't follow the link, everyone else follow the link and then decide what you think of "dean" calling his readers liars.