Friday, July 31, 2009

New Britney Spears Song...

Did anyone ever hear this one yet? That new Britney Spears song totaly advocates violents against women!

"Hit me baby one more time..."

I have one word for that: totaly deplorable!

Erin Andrews Voyeur Video

Hey if their are any readers (of this blog) out there who have that naked Erin Andrews video, you shoudl totaly share it with me.

Specifically I am looking for the parts where she (alleged) flexes her butt cheeks.

I have not seen the video myself but if the above is true, thats SUPER HOT!

EDIT (5:21pm): Mostly I am curious when she flexes her butt cheeks are they squeezed together or does flex just one then the other so in the mirror it looks like they're bounding up and down as if she is running. Clarity is important hear.

Why we need health care refrom in America Today

You can count me among the believers now in that we in America need health care reforms IMMMEDIATELY.

There is literally millions of Americas in America who dont have health insurance. Im not one of them because I get some insurance fromt he school where I go to (student rates). But heres the thing: My copay went up to $45 for routine visits and $50 for prescriptons!

Thats egregious!!!

Now I dont make it a practice to go to the doctor office much (dont like taking clothes off for guys) so it (unconscionable copayment rates) hasnt effected me much but thats not the point. The point is is that insurance companys are the villans! First they make you have insurance, then you have to pay for it, then you have to pay (copayment) when you use it. The goverment should be taking care of it all so I dont have to pay so much.

Now like I said, I have insurance but not used it yet, but the potential is their and THAT is why we need health care reform in America today!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How To Stop a Gun Nut

This is a simple post about how to stop a gun nut from ruining everything that like minded progressives (like myself) are stand for.

  1. Hide the bullets. This is real simple. Go to Walmart or wherever they get there bullets. Get all the boxes of one kind of bullet. Like a 45 bullet for example. Then move them to another shelf and then put a different kind of bullet where the 45's was. Picture this: a gun nut goes to Wallmart to buy some beer and bullets. He goes to get some 45 bullets and discovers that all their is is 38 bullets. He (gun nut) will get so pissed off he will should leave the store with just the beer.
  2. Do those papers that people put on your car under the wiper. Make them up so they say that the pawn shop where the gun nuts get there guns only sells guns with bent barrels. The gun nuts will be so scared of buying guns with bent barrels that they will stop buying guns.
  3. Just the facts. Pressure the gun nuts with jsut the simple facts: Guns kill people. Guns cause crime. Guns cause racists to do crimes against black people. Guns especialy kill children. Some times even gun nuts are smart enough to be swayed by the facts.
  4. Seize the moral high ground. If your in a crime and some gun nuts is trying to jack your wallet, be like: "You can have my wallet and gf's purse or whatever, but I still refuse to have a gun!"
  5. Even thou chicks with shoulder holdsters and business suits are way hot, remeber that they are still gun nuts.
  6. Also if your in a crime and a gun nut has his guns in your face be like a pacifist where they use to put a flower or something in the gun barrel. That is so in your face.
  7. One thing to rember, if cops didnt have so many guns the crimanals and gun nuts wouldnt feel the need to have so many guns of there own to do crimes with. This comes down to the simple truth that change has to start some where. Why not start on the side of law and order.
  8. Dont entertain debates. Gun nuts are nuts. And wrong. Their is nothing more to talk about. Plus we heard it all before.
  9. If a gun nut or a cop or a criminal shots you in the head your still just as dead so why not take away all guns? Its common sense.
  10. Dont buy anything from Smith and Wesson or Magnum or Winchester. If you stop buyng there products they will go under and then they wont be able to build guns any more.

These are just a sample of the ploethra of things you can do to stop gun nuts.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Not cool!

Hey neocons, enough with the comparisons between are first lady (Michelle Obama) and Worf.

There defamatory, racist and totaly not cool.

Plus, as you will see with the photo layout below, they realy look nothing alike, so aside from the above reasons, there also not ACCURATE.

As you can see below, they are two different people! And sexes!

But if you flip the Michelle Obama portrait, cut out her head freehand style then superimpose it on Worf you can see the obvious differences, like he had forehead ridges and she doesnt.

Also note that klingon skin is significantly darker than her skin and although the shape of there hair bears striking similarities, their is relly no way there the same. Seriously. If you blend the layers above by 20 percent you can totaly tell there too different people (one klingon, one worf):

Then if you keep going in 20% increments, there physical appearance obviously proves to be drastically different:

With the most obvious proof that she totaly doesnt look like Worf right at the mid-range. As you can see, there is no way that the Michelle Obama / Worf slur holds any water.

Lay off now. Its totaly not cool going after women like that!

Happy Green July 4th of July!

As a true American progressive I dont lke to celebrate the fourth (of July) in the context that America fought a gorilla insurgency against are British allies and won independents. That is simply a stupid assumption based on the failed bushist ideology that war is sometimes an acceptable course of action. War is never the answer.

I prefered to celebrate (fourth of July) more in the context that you (we) get to shoot off bottle rockets, but as I get older the urge to adopt a greener, more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle is becoming stronger. Imagine, 10 years ago, nobody cared that those bottle rockets were emitting tons of CO2 into are atmosphere, destorying the ozone and depleting our rainforests. 10 years ago there was rainforests everywhere and now there gone. Destroyed by the powerful, neocon controlled oil and lumber lobbys and if we keep shooting off bottle rockets every year ont he fourth (of July) those rainforests arent never coming back.

The time for change is now or else it will be to late!

So today in celebration of this post I am going to search the web (internet) and brainstorm (maybe useing twitter, who knows) for green alternatives to bottle rockets. I'll post what I can come up with here.

EXAMPLE: While I was wrting this post I already had my first idea (alternatives to bottle rockets).

1. Starting on around July 1st or 2nd you can start collecting like tons of clovers or something like small leaves from a cool plant. Then you put them inside a balloon and blow it up. Do as many balloons as you want. When the 4th of July comes, out come the balloons! Then all you have to do to celebrate is pop the baloons and watch the clovers scatter all hither and yons, just like those big, polluting air burst fireworks. BTW when your done, pick up the balloon pieces! They can be used to collect rainwater if thats legal in your district.

2. You can also use dandelions that are gone to seed. Just a puff of air and you can imagine the little helecopter seeds as sparks. Those big tall milkweed plants also work the same way. I like to get one of two of those (for each hand) and pretend there sparklers. Best of all, no carbon footprinT!

There is tons more ways to do this.

Friday, July 03, 2009

The Nerve!

Neocon Rove-plant Colon Powell had some pretty harsh things to say about Obamas agenda. It was pretty massed up but to be expected from someone who worked for both Bu$hes.

UPDATE: Also racist. He is clearly racist in his unceasing criticism

More bad words that are okay to do now

Some hair guy has this faux moral outrage post about how someone at my favorite newspaper (Huffington Post) said retard.

What is more important here is the unlocking of the barriers of communication in are society since Obama overthrowed the Bu$h junta. The tearing down of the oppressive walls of political correctness built and maintained by the neocons.

Its now okay to say retard, waterhead and faggot. There is nothing wrong now with implying that a retard can work as a greeter in Walmart and that he can actually be called a gretard. Further, if the gretard is a faggot, their is nothing wrong with saying it now.

Instead of crying about it, the neocons should be thanking the left (progressives, like myself) for freeing up the english language.

Thank you Perez Hilton and Huffington Post!


I love President Obama. I mean I realy love him. As much as one man can, in a heteroplatonic sense, love another man. But he really has me worried on this one.

The bellicose warmongering language against North Korea is not very helpfull. Putting missiles on Hawaii which in are technology is in EASY range of North Korea is almost certain to cause anxiety in them people. AND. By the way what did they ever do to us? They are simple farmers just tryingto be peace. They have no oil. Why cant they have nucler power technogloy?

In most things Obama is awesome but in this one thing (missiles deliberately aimed at North Korea) he is more like Bushbama than anything. I hope he (OBama) reconsiders this decision it only just aggrivates everything.