Friday, July 03, 2009

More bad words that are okay to do now

Some hair guy has this faux moral outrage post about how someone at my favorite newspaper (Huffington Post) said retard.

What is more important here is the unlocking of the barriers of communication in are society since Obama overthrowed the Bu$h junta. The tearing down of the oppressive walls of political correctness built and maintained by the neocons.

Its now okay to say retard, waterhead and faggot. There is nothing wrong now with implying that a retard can work as a greeter in Walmart and that he can actually be called a gretard. Further, if the gretard is a faggot, their is nothing wrong with saying it now.

Instead of crying about it, the neocons should be thanking the left (progressives, like myself) for freeing up the english language.

Thank you Perez Hilton and Huffington Post!


paul mitchell said...

Okay, I laughed at this. I am going to Hell.

Anon. said...

I think the republicans objected to this because, by definition, they're all retards (and some are perverts too). There was always something faintly self-serving about this political-correct fagotty shit.


stoorat said...

You haven't taken this concept nearly far enough, Dean. Legislation needs to be passed that requires hospitals to hire doctards, NASA to hire rocket-scientards, and voters to vote for senetards.

Minnesota is leading the charge on that last one.