Monday, August 31, 2009

Bad News for Utah Progresives

Bad news has come up o'er the weekend for progressives in Utah.

Apparently senator Bob Bennett is not going to be reelected. This is real bad news because senator Bennett was a true friend to progressives alike.

Apparently he is going to be unseated by a guy name Mark Shurtleff. I have it on the best of authority that he (Shurtleff) is a neocon. It is my hope that some one takes this news right now and starts up a Impeach Shurtleff Blog because as a neocon you know that eventually he will did something wrong and need to be impeached.

I would do it myself but I have to much on my plate already.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


I just think that if Freddy 'The Pelican' Peloquin had managed to tag in Baron Von Raschke, they could have managed to defeat the Road Warriors and win the title.

Then everything would have been different.

Remeber how the neocons all latched on to the Road Warrors because they were all anti-hero thing going on and how instead of rational debate and technical skills like Greg Gagne or Bob Backlund, they were all just about solving things with intimidation and brute force? Thats what solidifide the neocon movement. They learned some wrong lessons from Hawk and Animal and Precious Paul Ellering (who was like the Karl Rove of wrestling) and we as a country still continue to pay today.

Monday, August 24, 2009


I am too dishearten by the neocons totaly derailing the health care reform debate with there wee-wee and there lies and misinformation so I am going on hiatus for a while to concentrate more on blogging about how Kevin LaFontaine is a dick.

There is a link to that blog in the paragraph above plus one on the side bar on the right but if you cant find it you could also email me and I will send you the blog sight address.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Truth About ObamaCare #6

The neocons were all up and arms about the so call "public option" which was might be dropped (who knows) because they think that it will kill private insurance because goverment entities can make up the rules to compete against the private sector.

Truth: The term "Public Option" is misleading in that it wont be an option.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Truth About ObamaCare #5

Many neocons are outraged about a provision in the current plan whereby the government is granted access to your financial accounts for the stated purpose of determining your ability to pay for medical procedures.

Truth: The US government already has a system in place where the financial planning division at the US Department of Resource Gathering and Allocatement is tasked with scanning financial details of registered voters in the months leading up to the elections. Their findings are recorded, tabulated and sold to commodity traders in Nigeria. A recent case involving the improper destruction of a data storage device from the DRGA resulted in an extensive criminal investigation of a Juggalo sect in Illinois but to date nobody has been prosecuted.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Truth About ObamaCare #4

The misinformations and disinformation perpetrated by the neocon/insurance/banking lobby has caused some seniors to worry that President Obama's reform plan will pave the way to a policy of euthanasia for the elderly.

Truth: The elderly, although boring, slow, and long-winded still have potential net value and the Obama plan recognizes this. Under His plan and contingent upon their ability to fight back effectively, the elderly, the infirm and the physically handicapped will be allowed to work in factories where they will have the opportunity to enhance their end-of-life productivity churning out brass hinges, ceramic dinnerware and artillery shells for the German army.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Truth About ObamaCare #3

The insurance industry's paid ringers masquerading as a grassroots movement would have you believe that special needs children will need to be registered with the government before a set date in order to be elligible for care under this medical reform bill. Much like Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals and mentally ill people were required to do in nazi Germany in the 1930's.

Truth: This claim is partially correct but the justification, written deeper into the bill makes perfect sense. The deadline to register special needs children (note the text of the bill no longer refers to them as retards) is in 2013, which not only affords ample opportunity for parents or legal guardians of these children to get them registered and their shots updated, but also gives the federal government time to write legislation mandating the abortion of these potential special needs children, which will reduce or eliminate their strain on the health care system. Everyone wins.

Power through truth.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Truth About Obamacare #2

One big neocons talking point about so-call Obama care is the provision that says that people in the country illegally will get their health care for free and the American taxpayer will foot the bill.

Thats silly because its what already happens.

TRUTH: The Obamacare bill has an obscure provision buried near the end that provides for the construction of labor camps into which illegal aliens, once cured of there afflictions, will be sent to work off there debt at a rate consistent with the current federal mandated minimum wage. It also provides for them (aliens(illegal) to be shipped to there country of origin once they're debt (including shipping charges, plus food and clean sheets, ect) is paid off.


Scandalous, obvious forgeries like this (below) which was found here arent helping at all. What ever happen to civil discoarse?


Ok. I'm admit to being a little perplexed by this latest development.

On July 16, a multicultural police response investigated a report of a break in at Henry Louis Gates' house. According to the police report, Mr. Gates accused the police of harassing him based on his skin color. The confrontation moved out of the house and ultimately resulted in Mr. Gates' arrest for disorderly conduct. Six days later, President Obama said that the police acted


On August 6 at a public forum wherein President Obama's health care reform was being discussed, a man by the name of Gladney was physically assaulted by a multicultural group of union affiliated event organizers. According to the video footage of the incident and Mr. Gladneys attorney, Gladney was at the event passing out flags and buttons when he was approached by another black man, called a "nigger" and subsequently assaulted by 2-4 assailants. Two were arrested and a third ran before police responded. Although it has not yet been six days like last time, I am worried because President Obama has not yet denounced this racially charged incident.

I must abmit to entertaining miniscule, lingering doubts about whether or not He (Obama) is being as post-racial and post-partisan as I was told. However, those doubts could easily be assuaged by President Obama if he would clarify some points:
  • In the first incident, the arresting officer did not use racial epithets of any kind, whereas the man alleged he was being harrassed for being black. President Obama said the police acted "stupidly" in this case. In the second incident, the man had racial epithets directed at him and he was physically assaulted. President Obama has not commented. Does this mean that it is okay now to say "nigger" if you're committing a crime?
  • Does President Obama's silence regarding the second incident validate neocon allegations that He is both racist and anti-capitalist insofar as He, through silent consent agrees that young, black entrepreneurs should be beaten in the streets?
  • IF President Obamas silence is in fact motivated by political considerations, specifically that the victim in the second case may have been a "conservative" (the evil sibling of the neocon phenomenon), then is the dream that "all men be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character" made obsolete by a new political reality that "all men be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their political orientation"? Or, to ask the same another way, does President Obama believe that a conservative man can be black?

I really need Presidnet Obama to answer these questions soon. Maybe he could arrange something with the television people to do something on TV like a national discussion on race. Thats a radical idea that hasn't been tried yet.

Awesome Day

This is the day we (progressives) have been waited for all are lives. The day we finally got a wise Mexican woman into the supreme court!

I'm thinking maybe a party tonight or tomorrow!

UPDATE: Dude, this chick is WAY hot! Does any one know her name or where she lives? I could totaly hook up with her.

Friday, August 07, 2009


Remember when Perez Hilton was viciously assaulted and then made a video where he says that violence is never the answer (moral high ground)?

Im concerned that Perez Hilton has not expressed outrage over the allege assault of Mr. Gladney (who is black btw). Hopefully Perez (Hilton) reads this and can answer these questions:

1. Why do you hate black people and express it by not speaking out for Mr. Gladney?
2. Did you decide not to speak out in his favor because he is not a faggot?

Reminder to my constituets: Perez Hilton said its okay to say faggot. Remember?

Truth About "ObamaCare"

I cant stay silenced any longer. I must do my part to counter the neocon lies about Obamas health care reform and I will do so by pointing out some honest truths about what his plans are. After all, the only way to drown out neocon lies are to drown them out with honest progressive truths.

TRUTH: So call ObamaCare will rescue are economy by putting more money in people pockets. If capitalist health insurance companys are drummed out of business, the people will save money by not giving it to the insurance company. They will in turn have more money to spend on nicer cars, bigger houses, or maybe just to go out and eat once in a while. Thats a tremendous upside which will hardly be affected by a probably miniscule tax hike that only the wealthy will have to pay because really, in a nation of 300 million people it would probaly only take a few cents extra (average) to make sure another 40 million are insured right.


I dont know about you but I think some one realy needs to shut these health care anti-reformist neocorporate shills up. The ones who are crashing these town halls (meetings) and targeting only Democrat (read progressive btw) congressman and trampling there rights to free speech.

Ths is not what health care reform is about and someone needs to make them (neocons) go away.

Or shut up.

They are totaly on shills on the take from the insurance lobby/faux news/LimbaughBeckHannity and there spreading lies and disinformation, not by saying that goverment sponsored health care reform is dumb, but by misrepresenting thereselves as a grassroots movement.

Movement. Yah right!

There not a movement. They need to be shut up or shut down.

And leave Obama alone!

Monday, August 03, 2009

More racism primer










This isnt rocket surgery pepole!