Friday, August 07, 2009


I dont know about you but I think some one realy needs to shut these health care anti-reformist neocorporate shills up. The ones who are crashing these town halls (meetings) and targeting only Democrat (read progressive btw) congressman and trampling there rights to free speech.

Ths is not what health care reform is about and someone needs to make them (neocons) go away.

Or shut up.

They are totaly on shills on the take from the insurance lobby/faux news/LimbaughBeckHannity and there spreading lies and disinformation, not by saying that goverment sponsored health care reform is dumb, but by misrepresenting thereselves as a grassroots movement.

Movement. Yah right!

There not a movement. They need to be shut up or shut down.

And leave Obama alone!

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