Friday, August 07, 2009

Truth About "ObamaCare"

I cant stay silenced any longer. I must do my part to counter the neocon lies about Obamas health care reform and I will do so by pointing out some honest truths about what his plans are. After all, the only way to drown out neocon lies are to drown them out with honest progressive truths.

TRUTH: So call ObamaCare will rescue are economy by putting more money in people pockets. If capitalist health insurance companys are drummed out of business, the people will save money by not giving it to the insurance company. They will in turn have more money to spend on nicer cars, bigger houses, or maybe just to go out and eat once in a while. Thats a tremendous upside which will hardly be affected by a probably miniscule tax hike that only the wealthy will have to pay because really, in a nation of 300 million people it would probaly only take a few cents extra (average) to make sure another 40 million are insured right.

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