Thursday, March 06, 2008

Public Service

Look. Lets say you went to the bathroom to tap a kidney (urban slang for pee (urinate) and while you were doing that you noticed a strong or foul odor coming from your urine. In olden days that would make you thing you had to much asparagus or garlic in your diet and you would just keep going. Well, I have news for you. It could be bad.

Strong or foul urine odor could be cause by any of these following ailments:

  • urinary track infection (also cause bed wetting)
  • cystitis (bacterial infection in your meat whistle)
  • kidney infection (kidney dimples)
  • menopause (mostly for women)
  • prostatitis (means you have to have your pooper checked)

So be sure to see a doctor or obgyn as soon as possible if your urine stinks.


Two Dogs said...

Asparagus, too. Quickly get to your doctor over that one, folks.

stoorat said...

I'm wondering--is there a limit on the number of times one can get checked for prostitutes in a given calendar year?