Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Stop The Neocons Ad

Mostly I am against whoring ones self out to advertising because thats just being a sell-out. But then I found this ad on this blog and it really touched me deep down to my core. So from now on I will run this ad. It is very hard hitting and thought provoking which is what if I was able to do one thing for a neocon, it would be to help him know how to think.

Share this ad with a neocon. Maybe he will learn how to think.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Prepare for the worst case

According to the news (today), my presidental candidate (John Edwards) is dropping out but not endorsing any one (yet).

I'll miss his smile and fashion sense but its time to move on and pick a new canidate. So starting now I am endorsing Barrick Obama.

Also since John Edwards will probably wont be the next president we, like minded progressives like you and I, need to prepare for the worst. With that in mind, I created the new Impeach Romney Blog and the new Impeach McCain Blog because just in case they are elected, the will probably did somethig wrong too and they need to be held to account, just in case. LAter today I'll have Impeach Romney and Impeach McCain buttons for your blog so if you want to join the Impeach Romney or Impeach McCain coalition you will have a cool button to show your support for democacy.

This is real good forwards thinking on my part to be honest.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Blog Link

This blog is also a very valuble resource. The proprieter therein seems very level-head, like minded and progressive, like myself. Its nice that finaly progressive bloggers are starting to have blogs now.

If you miss this link here, it will also be in my blog links thing on the right hand side ----->

More Questionable Conduct by NYPD

I read this peace this morning before English Lit and almost had to bit my lip from the anger I have welling up deep within my hearts.

It has to be asked now and if any one has to come right out and say it, might as well be little ole me, right? Ok...I'll say it: Is the New York chief of police (I think one of Guliani's people no less) also on Mary-Kate Olsen's payroll?

How can their be a murder in some ones house and the cops dont even bother to talk to her? I'm really literaly shaking in my booths right now over this one. So its okay to kill Heath Ledger in New York now??? Fuck.

Lets look at the facts hear. Mary-Kate:
  • Never has a picture where her hair is combed.
  • Says she "Loved Heath Ledger" (yah death)
  • Looks like Amy Whinehouse what with the way her eye makeup is always smeared because she's always tripping balls.
You remember that old move "Bad Seed" with that screaming kid and Jason Alexander? Well how come Ashley Olsen is cool but Mary-Kate kills Heath LEdger? That movie now looks earily prophetic now doesnt it?

Yah, there will be more bloging about this issue as it develops.

Knwo Your Neocons (2)

was working hard today to bring you (as promised) the next installment of my ongoing series (talking points in easy-to=read graphical format) of Know Your Neocons because like I said before its emportant to know why Dick Cheney is bad for democracy.

Also FYI breaking news while I was compiling this information, Mr Cheney has not yet commented on the recent (tragic) discovery of like 600 dead seals in Galapagos. I might go back and make a 6. on the picture above. Maybe change font size. IDK. I'm just saying maybe he didnt personaly club all of them but it would be reasuring if he would at least "DENY" it.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Its Time

I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say this. I know the wounds is still fresh in are minds becasue Heath Ledger died less then a week ago (seems like only yesterday when he was in Broke Back Mountain) but it has to be asked.

To Mary-Kate Olsen: We know you know some thing about Heath Ledgers untimely (tragic) death. I know you might not have killed him (thats for a judge / jury to decide) but I speak for all of us when I demand, Mary-Kate, tell us what you know (about Heath Ledger being died).

New Stop The Neocons (2008) Series

Because election season is almost upon us it is important for all like minded progresives (like myself) to brush up on our talking points (for debate, etc). Also because 'knowledge is power' and I am all about knowing your enemys. So with this series (ongoing but no set schedule)(dont want to commit myself to unrealistic time commitments) I am going to present 5 fast facts about infamous neocons in are political system today. Today I am going to start at the top.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Bush wrecks global economy update

Looks liek the neocons found there scapegoat. Interesting hes FRENCH to, huh?

Look, I hve a small amount of money invested in a mututal funds hear so I am probaly not able to give a impartial analysis here but I do know some thing about high finance (etc). See, even thou I have still gained a net (that means all together) amount of almost $200, this week, that still does'nt mean Bu$h did'nt wreck the gloabl economy and steal from us all. And this whole $600 per person rebate scheme thing of Bu$h and his cronies: thats just what he saves last year from body bags becasue coincidentally he seems to have crushed the will f the Iraq people to resist. I say you (Bu$h) can keep my $600 rebate check (1200 per couple...wish I was maried) and use it to buy more body bags becasue if you havent forgotten there is a quagmire in afganistan too.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Retorical Question

Trying to be objective hear.

If Mit Romney steals the election will he be as bad as or worse then Bu$h?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Heath Ledger

I have too admit I got a little misty eyed when I heard the terrable news that Heath Ledger died. I remember I was sitting at a desk and Duc Tran came up to me (I thought he was going to ask for drink money again) and he was like: "hey did you hear Heath Ledger died?"

I was like: "no way"

Then he was like: "yeah"

Then I had to look it up and sure enough, Heath Ledger died.

In some ways it feels like were still together. I think the most important thing he did with his life was be a gay actor. My favorite Heath Ledger movie moment was in Brokeback Mountain when he is all like: "Ah wish Ah could Qwit Yew". That was like one of the most touching moment in cinema history and definately the most touching moment in gay cinema history.

I guess what is most disturbing about this (besides Mary Kate Olsens alleged complicity...I never trusted her after Full House) is that just last month, Brad Renfro died and you know how they always say young Hollywood actors always die in threes? That is scary because who is next? Britney Spears? Jamie Lynn Spears' unborn love child? Christopher Mintz-Plasse? Justin Timberlake?

Its all to much to think about at the moment. So if you (reader) would have a moment of silence for Heath (most of his fan club no him by a first name basis) then share your favorite Heath Ledger movie moment, that would be cool (touching).

Heath LEdger: Ah wish Ah could Qwit Yew

Monday, January 21, 2008

Wrecked the curve

This guy wrecked the curve for guys (like us) all over the world. Now women will always be like: "that one dude jumped in the sewer, why wont you?"

Way to raise the bar, ass.

Bush Wrecks Global Economy

This is bad news:

Investors dumped shares because they were skeptical that an economic stimulus plan President Bush announced Friday would shore up the economy that has been battered by problems in its housing and credit markets.


Not quiet happy enough after destroying Iraq with a illegal (& immoral) occupation and subjugation of the Iraq people, Bu$h set his evil sights on the third world countrys (India, Germany, Hong Kong) in a dasterdly scheme to take all there money too.

I mean like sure, if the federal government tries to buy me off with a so-called tax refund (rebate) I'll take the money and probaly spend it too and buy some thing nice (need a new lufa sponge) but I still wont like it. I mean if I had money in the stock market (in India or Germany or Canada) I would be broke now because Bu$hs stupid economic policys just plunged the world into recession. Wake up people.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


If the ladys from dooce and offended blogger had a slumber party and it degenerated into a pillow fight do you think in the melee that one of them (both bangin hot blog chicks) could accidentaly slip and kiss the other?

Also (hypothetical) do you think they would have smores or just do each other's hair?

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Need Information

I got this email in the mail today and was wondering if any one out their has information or could verify that it (product) works (mostly wondering about improving bubblegum flavor or cherry?)

From: "Luke Cramer" <>
Sent: Saturday, January 19, 2008 7:09 AM
Subject: oh my goodness.. yourPenis is BELOW average size, add 2-3 inches with this 4tnhkqhs45lp33x

> === IncreasePenisSize 3 Inches Longer ===
> Increaase SexDrive and Pleasure
> Achieve Rock HardErections
> = Permanently CuresImpotence =
> = Increase sperm volume and quality =
> = Improve sperm flavor =

The guy who sent it was named Luke Cramer but I dont really know him (wonder how he got my email).

This is not for me.

Brave woman in closet

Read this story:
The burglars spotted police and scrambled. One jumped into the bedroom closet, inches from Brittney. "He was standing right there. I could have kissed his cheek if I'd stood on my tippy toes," she said.
This is truly epic / heroic of this woman to be brave and hide in the closet instead of being a hero(ine). For one thing, she is way hot (check out her pic at the link)(wow). I mean I would totaly have got my mack on (old school) if I was in the closet and she was their thinking about kissing me. This reminds me of a story that happened to me one time.

Their was this chick who lived next door and she was real hot. She would always be laying out (suntanning use to be not bad for you), etc and she was way hot. So this one time I was in her closet (skiped school..long story...I was young and irresponsable) and I found this thing that was not a bra but you could tell is was built for containing her luscious b00bs, but i freaked me out because on one side it was just normal material (cotton or maybe a conglomarate of polyester, cotton, something) but on the other side it had something soft (padding) like foam rubber. I was all like: 'what is the point of this?' Does anyone know?

Also freaked me out because even tho she was way hot her shoes smelled bad. Like with a hot chick you totaly expect them to smell like lavenders or lilacs or something (spring breeze) but when you smell there shoes, they just smell like feet. Same with dirty clothes. I mean this chick was like a 8 or 9 (on 10 scale) and on first whif her dirty laundry smelled like perfume (white diamond I found out) but when you (I) put your (my) face on it and breath her essence in deep it has a stong under smell of sweat.

Its really weird.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Just thinking

I was just thinking I hope Bush doesnt steal teh 2008 election like last time.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hot (for a neocon chick)

Check out this blog.

Its really hard to read (barely coherent) and seems to advocate torturing men, but check out her picture. She's totaly hot!

I'm not saying dont read (my old blog "STNDM blog" use to always say know your enemies....thats hold true still) but just..before you get into her materials...check her out. I mean shes completely off the hook / hot.

NASA try(ing) to pass off picturs of the moon as Mercury

NASa claims to have alleged pictures of Mercury and "released" them today.

This does not seem plausible for many reasons:
  1. The AP photo is obviously a picture of the moon. Duh. Anyone can see that.
  2. Mercury is too close to the sun. You cant look at it (sun) very long without going insane. I dont thing NASA is going to risk insanity by looking at the sun that long especially when a picture of the moon will fool the sheeple (see #1)
  3. NASA wants us to belief that they can get a picture of mercury but they cant find Bin Laden (and didnt stop 9/11). Yeah right.
The evidence is their. Look for yourself and use UR own brain (dont let the spin maching tell you what to think).

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Welcome Tenth Visitor

Welcome visitor #10 to my new blog (Stop The Neocons 2008 blog). Even tho as I am writing this I have not reached 10 visitors yet I am sure this important mile stone will be reached some time today (maybe tomorrow) or definately later this week (only Tuesday). BTW do you realize how important it is to be the 10th visitor to a blog? That is real unique. THere will never be another 10th visitor here after we get our first 10th visitor. Think about that.

So once again welcome visitor # 10 and hope you come back soon.

Neocon Blogworld still up in arms (nothing change)

The big story on the neocon blogworld this morning is they are all up in arms about they are intolerance of religious beliefs of others (especially Muslim)(pbuh). There latest ranting comes from this story:

A Muslim store worker at Marks & Spencer refused to serve a customer buying a children's book on biblical stories because she said it was "unclean".

That is his religous beliefs! What happened to freedom of religion in this country??

Sally Friday, a customer at a branch of one of the famous stores, felt publicly humiliated when she tried to pay for First Bible Stories as a gift for her young grandson.

Ok first of all what a fake name! Does the neocon controlled press relly think were going to believe someone has a video game name IRL (real life)? How stupid do they think we are. And what about her alleged humiliation? Why does it always have to be about the victim if the victim is not moslem? Doesnt anyone care about hte poor worker who was only trying to make a honest living w/o compromisig his religious beliefs??

When the grandmother put the book on the counter, the assistant refused to touch it, declared it was unclean and then summoned another member of staff to deal with the purchase.

Mrs Friday was so upset that she has now complained to the store's manager.


And do they really expect us to belief that there is a book store called "MArks & Spencer"? IF they are going to stand by there outrageous lies / falsehoods but they cant even call the store by its real name (HELLO its obviously BARNES AND NOBLE) then why should they have any credability left?

Hooray for the worker who was just standing up for his religous beliefs and is now being vilified for it/them.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Deep Convo tonight in ICQ Chat

On only my second night back in bloging I found a chat room made specificaly for like minded people like myself. It is like we were looking for each other:

blue_rose: :)
blue_rose: dean are u software eng
dean04prez: no sorry blue_rose
blue_rose: i need help wit my proj
blue_rose: its drivin me nuts
blue_rose: i cant find the stuooopid error in the code
dean04prez: wish I coudl help
blue_rose: r u an environmentalist
dean04prez: ya
blue_rose: cool
dean04prez: also looking for ways to be more active in the peace movement
blue_rose: a teacher came to my school and taught us to make creativ things out of waste and plasik!!!
dean04prez: ya there is so much better things you can do with plastic instead of throw it away
blue_rose: je said we could collect it
blue_rose: and throw it in a huge cloth bag and use it for sittin:)
blue_rose: or u can also use it in knittin
blue_rose: crochet
dean04prez: on survivorman he proved that you can use plastic to make urine in to clean drinking water
blue_rose: what!!
dean04prez: thats like taking 2 kinds of waste and making something totaly helpfull from them
blue_rose: thts interestin
blue_rose: u guys shud spread these msgs
blue_rose: !!!
azi has joined channel #looking_for_peace
azi has left channel #looking_for_peace : azi
This is exciting. I feel like the ball is realy rolling.

Escalate Afghanistan Crisis?

Are you kidding me?

WASHINGTON - About 3,200 Marines are being told to prepare to go to Afghanistan, military officials said Monday, in an effort to boost combat troop levels and get ready for an expected Taliban offensive this spring.
ISnt one quagmire enough?
Once complete, the deployment would increase U.S. forces in Afghanistan to as much as 30,000, the highest level since the 2001 invasion after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Typical neocon election year ploy ( and transparent) to thin the ranks of democratic (& progressive) voters.

The military began notifying the Marines and their families over the weekend, as Defense Secretary Robert Gates was expected to sign the formal deployment orders.

T o save time Im sure he also signed all there death notifications.

This has to sotp soon!

Where was I (or where have I been)?

Someone once asked me when I checked my email this morning where I have been for almost 2 years of not bloging.

Its a fair question and worthy of a direct answer. Long story short we (in the buisness) call it: hiatus. Lets just say I have alot of perspective now that I did not have when I was bloging at the original STMDN blog which was hacked by Azn's purely for corporate greed.

I think its important to put a lot of that unpleasantness behind us and move forward with getting Barack Obama elected. Which is what I predict will happen in November (4th or 5th, cant rememember) of 2008. Lets do it!

I can totaly see it now. When Obama is elect President the neocons will blame him for Bush wrecking the economy and stock market. He (Obama) (if I may be so bold to offer advice) should start work right away on figureing out a way to help the econmy. Maybe some thing like a "stimulus package" which woudl pump money into are economy.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Welcome back to me bloging again

Hi and wlecome (welkommen) to Stop The Neocons 2008 (or Stop The Neocons v2.0 metaphoricaly). A long time ago I use to blog at a blog called Stop The Neocon Death Machine and it was realy fun but things happened and long and short of it was that my blog (stop the neocon death machine (STNDM blog) was hacked and taken over by a BOT.

Geting your blog hacked and took over by a BOT is a life changeing event. Not sure here but I think the BOT that took over STNDM blog is probably Azn. Who knows. Not important. Whast important is that I am back and with some changes:

  • I took a lot of you all harping on my spelling last time I was bloging (at STNDM blog). Well you will all be happy know that I heard your cries and made a conscious effort / community college (2 semestars so far) to improve myself because I am not to big to know when I need to improve myself.
  • Also I have not been busted by the pigs for a assault related incident in over a year. I still have yearnings for poontang like most men (non-gay) but I have got discipline now and dont need to fight. Logn story short my temper is under my control. Also I am off probation is March if I stay out of poontang related incidents.
  • I am also adopting a low-stress life-style meaning Idont have to stress myself over getting a post in all the time. Like now I can not post for a week and not have guilt. I think this is a more holistic approach to bloging that more people should take to bloging.

All in all I think that stoping the neocons in 2008 is the most important issue are country is facing today and with strong candidates vying to take over the empty-suit presidency occupied curently by the lame-duck Bush, spirits are high and it fells like a new dawn is approaching. Like I said before, I am strongly supporting John Edwards in 2008 because Howard Dean (my namesake (monikersake) is not running. All in all I think Barrack Obama has a great smile, etc and he's black (minority) but not as much as John Edwards who's views (ideations) more closely resemble my own). Mostly I hope for a Edwards presidency because Hillary Clinton has some great ideas / values (health care) but she is to butch and thats not condusive to my mostly poontangcentric lifestyle.

BTW for more information why I am still "Dean04Prez" your questions can be answered in my profile. New pic coming BTW... be patient. I'll probably get a place keeper in place until my new pic is there.

Also this will be a more eclectic blog than before: still mostly political blog (because blogs about political stuff is the most important issue of are day), but I'm expanding my horizons and will blog more about guy things (cars, poontang, boy bands, etc). So stay tuned (check back early/often).

**edited for spelling errors in title line (attention to detail will be a hallmark of the new Stop The Neocons 2008 blog)