Monday, January 14, 2008

Deep Convo tonight in ICQ Chat

On only my second night back in bloging I found a chat room made specificaly for like minded people like myself. It is like we were looking for each other:

blue_rose: :)
blue_rose: dean are u software eng
dean04prez: no sorry blue_rose
blue_rose: i need help wit my proj
blue_rose: its drivin me nuts
blue_rose: i cant find the stuooopid error in the code
dean04prez: wish I coudl help
blue_rose: r u an environmentalist
dean04prez: ya
blue_rose: cool
dean04prez: also looking for ways to be more active in the peace movement
blue_rose: a teacher came to my school and taught us to make creativ things out of waste and plasik!!!
dean04prez: ya there is so much better things you can do with plastic instead of throw it away
blue_rose: je said we could collect it
blue_rose: and throw it in a huge cloth bag and use it for sittin:)
blue_rose: or u can also use it in knittin
blue_rose: crochet
dean04prez: on survivorman he proved that you can use plastic to make urine in to clean drinking water
blue_rose: what!!
dean04prez: thats like taking 2 kinds of waste and making something totaly helpfull from them
blue_rose: thts interestin
blue_rose: u guys shud spread these msgs
blue_rose: !!!
azi has joined channel #looking_for_peace
azi has left channel #looking_for_peace : azi
This is exciting. I feel like the ball is realy rolling.

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