Monday, January 14, 2008

Where was I (or where have I been)?

Someone once asked me when I checked my email this morning where I have been for almost 2 years of not bloging.

Its a fair question and worthy of a direct answer. Long story short we (in the buisness) call it: hiatus. Lets just say I have alot of perspective now that I did not have when I was bloging at the original STMDN blog which was hacked by Azn's purely for corporate greed.

I think its important to put a lot of that unpleasantness behind us and move forward with getting Barack Obama elected. Which is what I predict will happen in November (4th or 5th, cant rememember) of 2008. Lets do it!

I can totaly see it now. When Obama is elect President the neocons will blame him for Bush wrecking the economy and stock market. He (Obama) (if I may be so bold to offer advice) should start work right away on figureing out a way to help the econmy. Maybe some thing like a "stimulus package" which woudl pump money into are economy.

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