Sunday, January 13, 2008

Welcome back to me bloging again

Hi and wlecome (welkommen) to Stop The Neocons 2008 (or Stop The Neocons v2.0 metaphoricaly). A long time ago I use to blog at a blog called Stop The Neocon Death Machine and it was realy fun but things happened and long and short of it was that my blog (stop the neocon death machine (STNDM blog) was hacked and taken over by a BOT.

Geting your blog hacked and took over by a BOT is a life changeing event. Not sure here but I think the BOT that took over STNDM blog is probably Azn. Who knows. Not important. Whast important is that I am back and with some changes:

  • I took a lot of you all harping on my spelling last time I was bloging (at STNDM blog). Well you will all be happy know that I heard your cries and made a conscious effort / community college (2 semestars so far) to improve myself because I am not to big to know when I need to improve myself.
  • Also I have not been busted by the pigs for a assault related incident in over a year. I still have yearnings for poontang like most men (non-gay) but I have got discipline now and dont need to fight. Logn story short my temper is under my control. Also I am off probation is March if I stay out of poontang related incidents.
  • I am also adopting a low-stress life-style meaning Idont have to stress myself over getting a post in all the time. Like now I can not post for a week and not have guilt. I think this is a more holistic approach to bloging that more people should take to bloging.

All in all I think that stoping the neocons in 2008 is the most important issue are country is facing today and with strong candidates vying to take over the empty-suit presidency occupied curently by the lame-duck Bush, spirits are high and it fells like a new dawn is approaching. Like I said before, I am strongly supporting John Edwards in 2008 because Howard Dean (my namesake (monikersake) is not running. All in all I think Barrack Obama has a great smile, etc and he's black (minority) but not as much as John Edwards who's views (ideations) more closely resemble my own). Mostly I hope for a Edwards presidency because Hillary Clinton has some great ideas / values (health care) but she is to butch and thats not condusive to my mostly poontangcentric lifestyle.

BTW for more information why I am still "Dean04Prez" your questions can be answered in my profile. New pic coming BTW... be patient. I'll probably get a place keeper in place until my new pic is there.

Also this will be a more eclectic blog than before: still mostly political blog (because blogs about political stuff is the most important issue of are day), but I'm expanding my horizons and will blog more about guy things (cars, poontang, boy bands, etc). So stay tuned (check back early/often).

**edited for spelling errors in title line (attention to detail will be a hallmark of the new Stop The Neocons 2008 blog)

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