Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More Questionable Conduct by NYPD

I read this peace this morning before English Lit and almost had to bit my lip from the anger I have welling up deep within my hearts.

It has to be asked now and if any one has to come right out and say it, might as well be little ole me, right? Ok...I'll say it: Is the New York chief of police (I think one of Guliani's people no less) also on Mary-Kate Olsen's payroll?

How can their be a murder in some ones house and the cops dont even bother to talk to her? I'm really literaly shaking in my booths right now over this one. So its okay to kill Heath Ledger in New York now??? Fuck.

Lets look at the facts hear. Mary-Kate:
  • Never has a picture where her hair is combed.
  • Says she "Loved Heath Ledger" (yah right...to death)
  • Looks like Amy Whinehouse what with the way her eye makeup is always smeared because she's always tripping balls.
You remember that old move "Bad Seed" with that screaming kid and Jason Alexander? Well how come Ashley Olsen is cool but Mary-Kate kills Heath LEdger? That movie now looks earily prophetic now doesnt it?

Yah, there will be more bloging about this issue as it develops.

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