Saturday, January 19, 2008

Brave woman in closet

Read this story:
The burglars spotted police and scrambled. One jumped into the bedroom closet, inches from Brittney. "He was standing right there. I could have kissed his cheek if I'd stood on my tippy toes," she said.
This is truly epic / heroic of this woman to be brave and hide in the closet instead of being a hero(ine). For one thing, she is way hot (check out her pic at the link)(wow). I mean I would totaly have got my mack on (old school) if I was in the closet and she was their thinking about kissing me. This reminds me of a story that happened to me one time.

Their was this chick who lived next door and she was real hot. She would always be laying out (suntanning use to be not bad for you), etc and she was way hot. So this one time I was in her closet (skiped school..long story...I was young and irresponsable) and I found this thing that was not a bra but you could tell is was built for containing her luscious b00bs, but i freaked me out because on one side it was just normal material (cotton or maybe a conglomarate of polyester, cotton, something) but on the other side it had something soft (padding) like foam rubber. I was all like: 'what is the point of this?' Does anyone know?

Also freaked me out because even tho she was way hot her shoes smelled bad. Like with a hot chick you totaly expect them to smell like lavenders or lilacs or something (spring breeze) but when you smell there shoes, they just smell like feet. Same with dirty clothes. I mean this chick was like a 8 or 9 (on 10 scale) and on first whif her dirty laundry smelled like perfume (white diamond I found out) but when you (I) put your (my) face on it and breath her essence in deep it has a stong under smell of sweat.

Its really weird.

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