Saturday, January 19, 2008

Need Information

I got this email in the mail today and was wondering if any one out their has information or could verify that it (product) works (mostly wondering about improving bubblegum flavor or cherry?)

From: "Luke Cramer" <>
Sent: Saturday, January 19, 2008 7:09 AM
Subject: oh my goodness.. yourPenis is BELOW average size, add 2-3 inches with this 4tnhkqhs45lp33x

> === IncreasePenisSize 3 Inches Longer ===
> Increaase SexDrive and Pleasure
> Achieve Rock HardErections
> = Permanently CuresImpotence =
> = Increase sperm volume and quality =
> = Improve sperm flavor =

The guy who sent it was named Luke Cramer but I dont really know him (wonder how he got my email).

This is not for me.


Anon. said...

never say never

besides, maybe it *does* come in cherry flavor. Why not ask the guy who sent you the mail???

perplexed Anon.

Dean04Prez (back again) said...

I tried. He wont wright back. Wouldnt that be cool if they could get it to come in green apple or cinnamon flavor?

Anon. said...

It would be way great. It'd also be a real ice-breaker / pick-up line. If there's an awkward pause in the conversation, you just casually say "my sperm can be either green apple or cinnamon flavor tonight, girls. What do You think?". Say it with a wink.. Everyone will say 'but how come?' and they'll be dying for it cause everyone loves green apple (cinnamon too).

Let me know how it goes. If it works out for u then I'll try it too.

Truth is u could even lie (to them, not me) so even if he won't write back don't feel like u now depend on him for something.