Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Heath Ledger

I have too admit I got a little misty eyed when I heard the terrable news that Heath Ledger died. I remember I was sitting at a desk and Duc Tran came up to me (I thought he was going to ask for drink money again) and he was like: "hey did you hear Heath Ledger died?"

I was like: "no way"

Then he was like: "yeah"

Then I had to look it up and sure enough, Heath Ledger died.

In some ways it feels like were still together. I think the most important thing he did with his life was be a gay actor. My favorite Heath Ledger movie moment was in Brokeback Mountain when he is all like: "Ah wish Ah could Qwit Yew". That was like one of the most touching moment in cinema history and definately the most touching moment in gay cinema history.

I guess what is most disturbing about this (besides Mary Kate Olsens alleged complicity...I never trusted her after Full House) is that just last month, Brad Renfro died and you know how they always say young Hollywood actors always die in threes? That is scary because who is next? Britney Spears? Jamie Lynn Spears' unborn love child? Christopher Mintz-Plasse? Justin Timberlake?

Its all to much to think about at the moment. So if you (reader) would have a moment of silence for Heath (most of his fan club no him by a first name basis) then share your favorite Heath Ledger movie moment, that would be cool (touching).

Heath LEdger: Ah wish Ah could Qwit Yew

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