Friday, January 25, 2008

Bush wrecks global economy update

Looks liek the neocons found there scapegoat. Interesting hes FRENCH to, huh?

Look, I hve a small amount of money invested in a mututal funds hear so I am probaly not able to give a impartial analysis here but I do know some thing about high finance (etc). See, even thou I have still gained a net (that means all together) amount of almost $200, this week, that still does'nt mean Bu$h did'nt wreck the gloabl economy and steal from us all. And this whole $600 per person rebate scheme thing of Bu$h and his cronies: thats just what he saves last year from body bags becasue coincidentally he seems to have crushed the will f the Iraq people to resist. I say you (Bu$h) can keep my $600 rebate check (1200 per couple...wish I was maried) and use it to buy more body bags becasue if you havent forgotten there is a quagmire in afganistan too.

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