Wednesday, January 16, 2008

NASA try(ing) to pass off picturs of the moon as Mercury

NASa claims to have alleged pictures of Mercury and "released" them today.

This does not seem plausible for many reasons:
  1. The AP photo is obviously a picture of the moon. Duh. Anyone can see that.
  2. Mercury is too close to the sun. You cant look at it (sun) very long without going insane. I dont thing NASA is going to risk insanity by looking at the sun that long especially when a picture of the moon will fool the sheeple (see #1)
  3. NASA wants us to belief that they can get a picture of mercury but they cant find Bin Laden (and didnt stop 9/11). Yeah right.
The evidence is their. Look for yourself and use UR own brain (dont let the spin maching tell you what to think).

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Anon. said...

very good post, but you have to remember that we all have some mercury in our thermometers. Try breaking one (*) and seeing mercury run along the floor and in your hand. It's like it doesn't want to be captured. Hours of fun.

It's true that looking at mercury can make you insane (so can drinking it and also not a good idea to play with too many broken thermometers)

* not digital thermometers

The point I'm making is that if they can put mercury in thermometers then they can also take pics of it. I guess they have ways of insulating themselves from sunstroke.