Sunday, August 09, 2009

Truth About ObamaCare #3

The insurance industry's paid ringers masquerading as a grassroots movement would have you believe that special needs children will need to be registered with the government before a set date in order to be elligible for care under this medical reform bill. Much like Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals and mentally ill people were required to do in nazi Germany in the 1930's.

Truth: This claim is partially correct but the justification, written deeper into the bill makes perfect sense. The deadline to register special needs children (note the text of the bill no longer refers to them as retards) is in 2013, which not only affords ample opportunity for parents or legal guardians of these children to get them registered and their shots updated, but also gives the federal government time to write legislation mandating the abortion of these potential special needs children, which will reduce or eliminate their strain on the health care system. Everyone wins.

Power through truth.

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iraqwarnotright said...

Thanks for disabusing us of the lie's/misinformation that the neocon's are spreading about are pesident's progressive health care law's and how there not going to effect retard's all that much.

It even more important that we have a porgessave voice such as yours now then ever more then