Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy Green July 4th of July!

As a true American progressive I dont lke to celebrate the fourth (of July) in the context that America fought a gorilla insurgency against are British allies and won independents. That is simply a stupid assumption based on the failed bushist ideology that war is sometimes an acceptable course of action. War is never the answer.

I prefered to celebrate (fourth of July) more in the context that you (we) get to shoot off bottle rockets, but as I get older the urge to adopt a greener, more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle is becoming stronger. Imagine, 10 years ago, nobody cared that those bottle rockets were emitting tons of CO2 into are atmosphere, destorying the ozone and depleting our rainforests. 10 years ago there was rainforests everywhere and now there gone. Destroyed by the powerful, neocon controlled oil and lumber lobbys and if we keep shooting off bottle rockets every year ont he fourth (of July) those rainforests arent never coming back.

The time for change is now or else it will be to late!

So today in celebration of this post I am going to search the web (internet) and brainstorm (maybe useing twitter, who knows) for green alternatives to bottle rockets. I'll post what I can come up with here.

EXAMPLE: While I was wrting this post I already had my first idea (alternatives to bottle rockets).

1. Starting on around July 1st or 2nd you can start collecting like tons of clovers or something like small leaves from a cool plant. Then you put them inside a balloon and blow it up. Do as many balloons as you want. When the 4th of July comes, out come the balloons! Then all you have to do to celebrate is pop the baloons and watch the clovers scatter all hither and yons, just like those big, polluting air burst fireworks. BTW when your done, pick up the balloon pieces! They can be used to collect rainwater if thats legal in your district.

2. You can also use dandelions that are gone to seed. Just a puff of air and you can imagine the little helecopter seeds as sparks. Those big tall milkweed plants also work the same way. I like to get one of two of those (for each hand) and pretend there sparklers. Best of all, no carbon footprinT!

There is tons more ways to do this.

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