Saturday, July 04, 2009

Not cool!

Hey neocons, enough with the comparisons between are first lady (Michelle Obama) and Worf.

There defamatory, racist and totaly not cool.

Plus, as you will see with the photo layout below, they realy look nothing alike, so aside from the above reasons, there also not ACCURATE.

As you can see below, they are two different people! And sexes!

But if you flip the Michelle Obama portrait, cut out her head freehand style then superimpose it on Worf you can see the obvious differences, like he had forehead ridges and she doesnt.

Also note that klingon skin is significantly darker than her skin and although the shape of there hair bears striking similarities, their is relly no way there the same. Seriously. If you blend the layers above by 20 percent you can totaly tell there too different people (one klingon, one worf):

Then if you keep going in 20% increments, there physical appearance obviously proves to be drastically different:

With the most obvious proof that she totaly doesnt look like Worf right at the mid-range. As you can see, there is no way that the Michelle Obama / Worf slur holds any water.

Lay off now. Its totaly not cool going after women like that!


paul mitchell said...

Wait, this post is unclear, are you saying that making fun of Worf is wrong? I just cannot tell, because the last line says not to make fun of women. Worf is a woman?

Baloo said...

Coincidence! A comic strip I did awhile back