Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How To Stop a Gun Nut

This is a simple post about how to stop a gun nut from ruining everything that like minded progressives (like myself) are stand for.

  1. Hide the bullets. This is real simple. Go to Walmart or wherever they get there bullets. Get all the boxes of one kind of bullet. Like a 45 bullet for example. Then move them to another shelf and then put a different kind of bullet where the 45's was. Picture this: a gun nut goes to Wallmart to buy some beer and bullets. He goes to get some 45 bullets and discovers that all their is is 38 bullets. He (gun nut) will get so pissed off he will should leave the store with just the beer.
  2. Do those papers that people put on your car under the wiper. Make them up so they say that the pawn shop where the gun nuts get there guns only sells guns with bent barrels. The gun nuts will be so scared of buying guns with bent barrels that they will stop buying guns.
  3. Just the facts. Pressure the gun nuts with jsut the simple facts: Guns kill people. Guns cause crime. Guns cause racists to do crimes against black people. Guns especialy kill children. Some times even gun nuts are smart enough to be swayed by the facts.
  4. Seize the moral high ground. If your in a crime and some gun nuts is trying to jack your wallet, be like: "You can have my wallet and gf's purse or whatever, but I still refuse to have a gun!"
  5. Even thou chicks with shoulder holdsters and business suits are way hot, remeber that they are still gun nuts.
  6. Also if your in a crime and a gun nut has his guns in your face be like a pacifist where they use to put a flower or something in the gun barrel. That is so in your face.
  7. One thing to rember, if cops didnt have so many guns the crimanals and gun nuts wouldnt feel the need to have so many guns of there own to do crimes with. This comes down to the simple truth that change has to start some where. Why not start on the side of law and order.
  8. Dont entertain debates. Gun nuts are nuts. And wrong. Their is nothing more to talk about. Plus we heard it all before.
  9. If a gun nut or a cop or a criminal shots you in the head your still just as dead so why not take away all guns? Its common sense.
  10. Dont buy anything from Smith and Wesson or Magnum or Winchester. If you stop buyng there products they will go under and then they wont be able to build guns any more.

These are just a sample of the ploethra of things you can do to stop gun nuts.

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Anon. said...

What can be done about knife-nuts?

I was once mugged by two knife nuts and it would've been handy to know what to do or say or how to set things up so fewer people will be knife nuts.