Friday, July 31, 2009

Why we need health care refrom in America Today

You can count me among the believers now in that we in America need health care reforms IMMMEDIATELY.

There is literally millions of Americas in America who dont have health insurance. Im not one of them because I get some insurance fromt he school where I go to (student rates). But heres the thing: My copay went up to $45 for routine visits and $50 for prescriptons!

Thats egregious!!!

Now I dont make it a practice to go to the doctor office much (dont like taking clothes off for guys) so it (unconscionable copayment rates) hasnt effected me much but thats not the point. The point is is that insurance companys are the villans! First they make you have insurance, then you have to pay for it, then you have to pay (copayment) when you use it. The goverment should be taking care of it all so I dont have to pay so much.

Now like I said, I have insurance but not used it yet, but the potential is their and THAT is why we need health care reform in America today!

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