Monday, March 09, 2009

Terrifying News

That Shadow Lands blog has some real terrifying news about a impending glut of refugees that are impending soon.

My question is why is this news being supressed in the USA?

Or is it? Apparently it is also being leaked that their is only like 100 months left to save the planet!

100 MONTHS! Thats only one Obama Presidency plus a month or two of afterglow.

This is worse than anyone knows.


Anon. said...

I need a graph showing how in approx. 100 months the damage becomes irreversible, as opposed to how it is now or will be in some 84 months. If someone can draw it for me I'll be glad. Thanks in advance.


Anon. said...

Also, just because Prince/soon-to-be-King Charles followed in caligula's footsteps and went on to marry a horse/horsette (or did caligula only sleep with one) doesn't justify calling him an "ass" (as according to that article, some people do).

Dean04Prez said...

I will definately work on putting this into graph form because in my mind it appears so simple.