Monday, March 09, 2009

Economy Problems: I Predicted it Last Year

Over here at STN2008 blog I am not one to toot on my own horn too much but it is amusing that the neocons are fretting over the economy so much. I knew it was in the tanker over a year ago and predicted what would happen (bad economy stuff) and what needed to happen to change it (elect Obama / Hope / Change).

I can totaly see it now. When Obama is elect President the neocons will blame him for Bush wrecking the economy and stock market. He (Obama) (if I may be so bold to offer advice) should start work right away on figureing out a way to help the econmy. Maybe some thing like a "stimulus package" which woudl pump money into are economy.

If they had just listen to me, we wouldnt be in this fine pickle we are in now.

(bold face (type) added for emphasis -mine)


Anon. said...

Wow! But how did you foresee it??? Just goes to show how the truth is liberal.. and liberals are conservatives who were mugged by capitalism.


Dean04Prez said...

Well the way the neocons were destroying the stock market and doing 2 wars at once (both wrong) it was as simple as reading the writing on the wall.

And not so much that inner city ghetto writing (grafitti writing) that is hard to read, rather some writing on the wall done with exellent penmanship.

Anon. said...

but it's so prescient.. Have you considered working for obama's economics team? To have one of our own actually working In the system would make us all proud.

Dean04Prez said...

We (progressives) already have alot of are own (progresives) working on President Obamas team.

Its all about hope and reconciliation now.