Friday, March 28, 2008

Hot womans dog thrown from bridge

This is a horrible story about this woman who is real hot as you can see in her picture (cant tell if that is a stud in her nose or some kind of growth but she is still way hot) and her dog was thrown from a bridge.

The owner is especially grateful. She was going to have to take out a loan to pay off the $1,500 bill.

If Bush didnt wreck are economy she could probably pay these bills without taking out a loan. So realy if you think about, Bush is partialy responsible (I'd say 78-85%) for the plight of this poor creature and the hot chick who almost had to pay the bill.

Seven is home with her owner tonight, but the next four to six weeks are going to be a little bit different for both of them. Dr. Nathan Cox, with Cottonwood Animal Hospital says, "Seven is doing excellent, in really good spirits, [she's] eating and drinking."

I think Seven is the dog.

It's been a rough past couple days for the 1-year-old boxer. She was seen being tossed from the 3900 South overpass onto I-15 and likely landed on her jaw, breaking it. But her veterinarian says Seven will pull through. Cox says, "We had to extract five teeth from her. And then we had to put an external skeletal fixture on that to stabilize the jaw."

She'll have the fixture on for a while, held in place by five pins, and she'll have to wear a cone. But Seven is licking her wounds, and she will be back to new in four to six weeks with no long-term repercussions.

That girl in the picture (link above) is real hot, btw. Notice if you look at the picture you can see some cleavage. I mean, I dont want this (Stop The Neocons2008) blog to be all about hot chicks, but yeah. Shes real hot.

Donations have rolled in all day. All of Seven's bills have been paid off. Any extra donations will be put to good use too. Paige Croswhite works at the Cottonwood Animal Hospital. She says the money "would go to other cases like this."

How many dogs does Bush have to kill before America wakes up?

Haley Savage, Seven's owner, says, "I did not expect any of this."

Now that Savage doesn't have to worry about paying for Seven's care, she can focus on taking care of her. She says, "I get to hand feed her for four weeks, but it's worth it to get her jaw fixed."

I wish I could get that womans name. You can tell by her hair and piercings and smile thats full of hope and life that she has some strong progressive leanings. I mean its prety apparent that me and her have lots in common.

Also in a related story, "two dogs" (neocon) from "mean ol meany blog" is reserching ethnic cleansing and starvation information. This is troubleing especialy given his racist viewpoints discussed in my last epiphany discussion. It woul not suprise me at all if "two dogs" (if that is his REAL name) drives a red truck. Its all coming together.


Anon. said...

>how many dogs does bush have to kill

Good question. there's probably a count kept somewhere of dogs being murdered (or attempt to) during bush's reign.

Re: red truck

I see where you're going with this but it so happens I drive a red truck.

stoorat said...

"I see where you're going with this but it so happens I drive a red truck."

Well, showing our true colors now, aren't we? Tell me, who did you vote for in the last Presidential election, hmmm?

Two Dogs said...

Nawp. My truck is blue.

stoorat said...

My motorcycle is black. Clearly, I'm the only one here (aside from Dean04Prez) (not his real name) who isn't racist.

Dean04Prez (back again) said...

Are trucks are ethnicaly diverse and thats a good thing which is important but the main point is is that that chick is hot

Two Dogs said...

Naw, this chick is HOT.

Dean04Prez (back again) said...

That link is not safe for work or a family oriented blog like this blog.

stoorat said...

Dean, that sounds suspiciously like censorship, an activity in which I thought only the oppressive right indulged.

Anon. said...

Ummmmm, his name isn't Dean.


Two Dogs said...

D4P, are you actually employed and a member of a family?

You know that chick was hot.

stoorat said...

Ummmmm, his name isn't Dean.

He is Dean, you are Dean, I am Dean...we are all Deans. This premise was soundly established by yours truly on his previous blog through rigorous mathematical proof.

Anon. said...

i'm worried. no posts for a long time (did she refuse a second lunch??). It's not the end of the world, buddy* Just share it with us.

*except for global warming

Anonymous said...

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stoorat said...

Oh, no...are the bots taking over again like at dean's (not his real name) previous blog? Have they, under direct command of the neocons, taken him hostage?

Anon. said...

I wonder if we can program a small bot to be a guest blogger.
All roads lead to Rome and all news items lead to neocon influence, (which is always pretty much the same).


stoorat said...

So, we're all done here then?

Could the last person out please turn off the lights plzkthx.

Anonymous said...

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fusion said...

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1138 said...

"the main point is is that that chick is hot"

How sad, she goes through something cruel and horrible like this and some immature little Internet creep (you) uses it as an excuse to drool over her body.

She can do better than you dumbass.

A little compassion for the dog and the fellow human being for pete's sake.
"Hot" shouldn't be part of the story at all, much less your pathetic POINT - family blog my foot.

Anon. said...

personally, I think your ad hominem attacks undermine your argument.
Besides, he was Complimenting her!cellest7