Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Not like that

Its not like I endoarse the idea that the end all goal of any relationships with a woman should be to score. I mean to be honest, scoring is a important part of any relationship (maybe top 3 of any relationship). Just thats just not the whole goal.

Relationships is about 3 things:

  • deep emotional bonds (both cry (together) when watching Ghost)
  • talking and not fighting when one or both is drunk
  • scoring
Thats it. This aint rocket science. So yah, I almost scored but also we almost connected on a deep emotional level and thats most important (chicks love to here that).


stoorat said...

Do you think the girl should also cry when, for example, my paladin (Lawful Good, lvl 17) is killed in a totally unfair manner because a cheating bastard DM put an entire horde of Balor (20d8+200) (3rd edition) in the treasure room, who proceeded to attach my head to my lower intestines and play a pick-up game of tetherball (that last part just seemed excessive on the part of that cheater).

Because my girlfriend (who used to date the DM, so you'd think she'd understand) didn't. She just said, "huh..." and went back to watching Star Trek (really cool episode where Picard gets zapped by a probe and lives (in his mind) the life of a guy who died thousands of years before (Wil Wheaton's (Wesley Crusher) favorite episode)).

Two Dogs said...

I really don't think broads like to be called "chicks." Just saying.