Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Almost Scored

WEll like the last post previous to this one said, I almost scored (with a woman) last week (friday). It was real awsome.

We were in the libray (college library) and were just HIT IT OFF just like that. I saw her their a few times. She is all into progressive ideal (enviroment, Obama, Green Day, etc) and as you have guessed, well so am I.

Any ways I was all smooth. I was like: "So you want to do lunch?"
Then she was all like: "okay"
Then I was like: "Chillys?"
And she was like: "okay"

Then we got there and if I dont say so my self, I was totaly smooth, and when we set in the booth (near the kitchen / restroom), I was like: "Let me get your coat".
And she totally let me!

Then we ordered food and talk and when it was all over we left and on the way out she was all happy (I think) and was like: "we shoudl do that again"
Then I was like: "okay".

I have tot ell you (pour my heart out again) it was so cool and it was closest I ever got to scoring with a women (in person....like on the old STNDM blog I had lost of blog women lined up). Some time later this week maybe when she is not looking I am goign to take a picture maybe with a cell phone if I can borrow one or sneak one with a camera and post it hear for the world to see so you all know that I'm totaly 100$ into women!


Anon. said...

wow awesome! the good seats were a lucky break bcs it's always a pain when you have to go a long way to the toilet when you really need to pee.

Can't wait to see the cellphone pics. Also I was looking at lara flynn boyle and I realized your girl (the other one with the black hair and leather skirt) probably looks like her. Maybe the way she looks in 'happiness'.

Dean04Prez (back again) said...

Yeah. Also like that alien woman in MIB II (men in black 2) when she's a alien ooze then sees the billboard and turns into a hot chick

Anon. said...

finding it hard to wait for the cellphone pics. Did u manage? Do it carefully when she can't see or it'll wreck your chances to score.

p.s Did u get a peek at her apartment? It's always a good idea to check out a girl's lifestyle even if they don't ignore you! If her apartment is messy, or if she's dating someone else behind yr back.. well, those r the sorts of things u'd want to know prior to getting closer to her.