Monday, March 24, 2008

Need Help

UPDATE: Still no pics of the woman I almost scored with but its getting prety serious...almost did lunch a second time!

Anyways hear is the question: When we were out I noticed a long, tube like object in her coat pocket when she went to take a crap. I didnt look at it because that would be rude, like going through her stuff when shes not looking. Any ways, it was abbout the size as a cigar. Does any one have any idea what this could have been?

Its not a pen because I asked her later if she had a pen I coudl borrow and she had one in her purse. Why put a pen in your pocket if you already have one in your purse? Makes sense.


Anon. said...

my 1st thought was 'cigar' even b4 u mentioned that possibility.

If it shaped like a cigar and is packaged like a cigar then it's a cigar. Just like ducks. Same principle.
Sometimes they come in tubes (cigars, not ducks).
Probably it was petit corona or a tres petit corona.

It might be that she feels it wouldn't be feminine if she lights it up in public so she keeps it for private places like her bedroom or public toilets.

If u want to get closer to her, just casually let it slip that you like cigars and/or women who smoke them.

Dean04Prez (back again) said...

Well that makes sense but why the mystery? Like, she could just easily have put a cigar in her purse. Weird

Anon. said...

well, conceptually, cigars don't belong in women's purses (only lipstick etc)
but u rnt very clear: "it was abbout the size as a cigar"

they come in all sizes.

Maybe it was even a montecristo. (I've heard those r good). That reminds me, which one did clinton use? Anyway, some put their cigar in monica and some put it in their coat pocket.

stoorat said...

Be careful might be a gun. Wouldn't be the first time the neocons have set up a dissenting, progressive brother for extermination. They're just looking for your weak spot.

Keep an eye on her. Maybe follow her and make sure she goes where she says she's going.

Dean04Prez (back again) said...

well now I'm nervous

Anon. said...

stoorat is scared you're gonna score. he wants to make u scared so u'll run away or fuck it up and then he'll say u're gay. ignore stoorat. focus on your goal (to score)

stoorat said...

Wow, anon...such hostility. This is the sort of thing that's tearing progressives across the country apart. That kind of divisiveness always makes me suspicious of neocon influence. You been hanging out with any red-staters recently?

Dean04Prez (back again) said...

Hey we all need to just tone it down a little and try to get a long. Their is no need to cast a spergions around here. Anon is clearly not a neocon and stoorat is clearly not gay.