Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Ok look. Hears the thing.

I'm a avowed Obama man, ok? But I know a knon-scandal when I see one. I'm like, "COME-ON NEOCONS! Take off your HATE BLINDERS and see THIS non-story for what it realy is (non-story).

(CNN) -- Sen. Hillary Clinton said she "misspoke" last week when she gave a dramatic description of her arrival in Bosnia 12 years ago, recounting a landing under sniper fire.

SEE? Simple misspokement. We all do it!

"I say a lot of things -- millions of words a day -- so if I misspoke, that was just a misstatement," she said.

Bottom line: shes a women so shes going to talk alot. No big wup. Wheres the controversy in that?

"I was told we had to land a certain way, we had to have our bulletproof stuff on because of the threat of sniper fire. I was also told that the greeting ceremony had been moved away from the tarmac but that there was this 8-year-old girl and, I can't, I can't rush by her, I've got to at least greet her -- so I greeted her, I took her stuff and then I left. Now that's my memory of it."

Look. We all saw the video on You Tube. This is clearly what happened. She took that girls stuff. Simply as that!

So yeah. Hillery made a misstatement. Thats it. The neocons have there bone and eat it to. They should at least be classy about it like Barrick Obama is doing so right now. Could we please just get along with a friendly and warm-spirited campagin now?

Thanks for the non-event, neocons! Hahaha

UPDATE: Besides its not like misspoke is a lie. Geez, wake up people!!!1

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