Thursday, March 13, 2008

Observation 3

You know after the whole Spitser thing with that one realy hot prostitute, which oh by the way that one pic with her white bathing suit, you know how she's sitting on a white towel? Well, I wonder if she would be interested in selling it to me. The towel I mean. Its like I would totaly spend $4100 on her if I had that much money but I am a starving college student (also a vetran) and cant afford that much (maybe pell grant???). But I could probaly afford to buy a used bath towel from her.

Anyways I was thinknig that all the neocons are up in arms again about this (prositute and Spitser thing) and I made this observation: Whenever people say prostitution is a victim-less crime and then other people get all high and mighty and disagree, those people are usually ugly.

Its realy weird if you ask me.

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