Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Remove All Doubt About my Oreintation

Ok look. I admit that my epiphany post was long winded and that may be why so many people are haveing trouble understanding this. It should'nt be so hard to figure out if you just read the whole post okay? I dont know how many more ways to put it. I mean, my sexual orientation could be put in purely mathmatical terms as follows:

  • Dean04Prez (me)(not real name) ≠ Gay

As proof of the mathmatical formula above is completely true you only have to look at the facts of the whole matter:

  • I think hot chicks are hot
  • I like pootang just like other guys
  • Im senative in a purley hetero fashion
  • I dont cry at movies

I hope this clarifys things a little so there is no more confusion.


stoorat said...

I dont cry at movies

Not even when Padme died in episode VI?!?

You're not gay. Robots can't be gay.

Anon. said...

I've heard there's a new, more macho game. This one really lets u show off your balls. I mean that u're a real man and not some sissy. The idea is one guy (they toss a coin to see who is who) approaches holding the his erection. The other guy sort of bends over with his ass cheeks spread open. They keep taking small steps towards each other. The 1st to be scared and stop/recoil is pointed at and called 'a chicken'!

Kids today...


Dean04Prez (back again) said...

oh man that sounds scary, like what hapened at the pool over the summer

stoorat said...

It does sound scary, dean! But, it also sounds like a great way to prove one's heterosexuality. You should probably find someone trustworthy--like, say, Elton John--with whom to try this. That'll shut those nay-sayers up right and proper!

I mean, a homosexual would totally flap his arms in dismay, squeal like a girl, and chicken out before the moment of truth, right?

Dean04Prez (back again) said...

No this post proves my orentation. Did'nt you read it?

Two Dogs said...

I did happen to notice that in your formula, if you divide both sides by "Dean04Prez,' there is a "gay" over "Dean04Prez."

And was that pool in your backyard?

Dean04Prez (back again) said...

I'll explain it when I get home from schoool late r today