Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Racism Primer

Something that is relly pissing me off (pardon language) about the neocons' ongoing boobery about the progressives finally resting control of the White House (Washington) from the Bush-Cheney junta is that they (neocons) are still not over the race issue. Its like I want to shout from the roof/mountain tops: "Dude, its post racial America now, get with the times!!"

They are all like: "When Chimpy Bushitler was dictator, you were all like 'Hes a chimp'".

And progressives are all like: "Yeah, but he was"

And the neocons are like: "Well Bu$h is gone so we want to call Obama a chimp because thats what you did to Bu$h"

But you know what? its not the same. There is two things one needs to consider.
  1. Progressives (like minded: IE me) came up with the whole bush = chimp thing. So if you are a neocons and reading this I have one word for you: Come up with your own thing!
  2. For a black American, being compared to a chimp is especially hurtful because neocons and rethuglicans are racist by nature.
So now because no one els e in the progresive blog world will step up to the plate (most are use to there disent being squashed after 10 long years of the Bushcheneyrove thugocracy) I am going to come out and say it because this is how post racial America has to be (draw the line in plane english).

I know the neocons will be all like: "Thats not fair"

But Im all like: "Whatever dude. It is what it is." Because that (it) is what it is.


Two Dogs said...

You are so racist, why would you compare Hopey McChangerson to a chimp?

Dean04Prez said...


Thats a miunderstanding on your part. This post is a example of bush (was) is a chimp (simian) but President Obama is not (thats racist).

I can see how you people would make that mistake but realy its not about you.l

Two Dogs said...

R-I-G-H-T. Go join up with the rest of your Klan buddies like Senator Robert Byrd (Dumbass-WV). You "progressives" hate black folks.


Dean04Prez said...

No you have to get past your racist hate blinders and see that what is happening in the neocon blog world is they are saying President Obama is a chimp which is racsit and hurful and notbecomming of the office of President (more respect).

Bush was a chimp and its ok to say it because he was.

Their is a difference.

stoorat said...

This gets so confusing for me.

So, Travis the chimp that's been in the news so much this it okay to call him Bush?

And the rhododendrons planted outside my parents' house...can I call them chimps?

I just don't want to offend anybody!

Dean04Prez said...

Well no. Its' not fair to Travis to call him Bush (confuse & offend him). BUt what you can do is call Bu$h "Travis the Chimp" because he (Bush) is always confused.

Any ways why is there dinosaurs outside of your parent's house(s)?

Two Dogs said...

Stoorat is from Kazakhstan. They have dinosaurs there. You didn't see his movie?

Anon. said...

didn't travis sing 'now the drugs don't work'? I'm confused by the comparison to bush (who stopped taking drugs ages ago). Methinks obama still smokes the occasional joint, in which case the drugs *do* work but that still leaves the travis=chimp thing hanging.
Btw, totally agree, that entire obama=chimp is in such bad taste considering that we all know (dont pretend you dont) that obama is kind of black.
I'm still on a big high from the whole thing. It's like The Fifth Element and all those futuristic films have finally all become real and now thanks to people like me, who could see beyond obama's skin-color. The future is now!

Dean04Prez said...

stoorat is not from kazakhstan. Duh

he's from Winnemucca

Dean04Prez said...

Anon. You & me and all like minded progressives alike are the face of hte new post racial world.