Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I just looked some thing up and I have to correct a embarassing mistake.

On this post about chicks who want ot get it on because there old (still alive), I mistakely said that Chynna Phillips was in Heart (old 1980s rock & roll band). That information was in error.

Chynna Phillips was not realy in Heart. She was in Wham (other 1980s rock & roll band).

I was totally thinking of Camryn Manheim who is in Heart.

Thats realy embarassing to me because when I started Stop The Neocons2008 blog, I said that atention to details will / would be a hallmark of this blog. I appopligize for this miscommunication.


Two Dogs said...

Yeah, Camryn Manheim is in Heart, NOW, she replaced Linda Ronstadt.

Dean04Prez said...

You know that really brings up some cold and hurtfull feelings about how that whole thing went down.

Do'nt get me wrong, Camryn Manheim is way hot for a old chick but she totaly screwed Linda Ronstadt over when she slept with that drummer guy from Oingo Boingo.

In retroscept, its still no wonder they never talk.

Anonymous said...

Chynna Phillips was part of the nineties female group Wilson and Phillips which along with Chynna were sisters Carnie and Wendy Wilson. Chynna Phillips is the daughter of The Mamas and the Papas members John and Michelle Phillips. Chynna has numerous half siblings including Mackenzie Phillips, Bijou Phillips, Jeffrey Phillips, Tamerlane Phillips, and Austin Hines. Chynna married actor William (Billy) Baldwin in 1995 and together they have three children.
See details of her biography:Chynna Phillips-news-online