Thursday, February 26, 2009

Special request

I'm noticeing on that feejit thing on the side of this (STN2209) blog that lots of people from China are starting to visit.

If their is a China guy here (visiting) who can recomend a good power leveling service (also secure) and also sells gold at a low low rat of $14.95 ( or maybe less) per million I could realy use that information. You could just spam the inofrmation in comments under this post.

What I am wanting to do is that I have this new gnome toon who is on the cuttig edge of progressive game play. Check ths out. I want him to be all the way to level 80 without useing a weapon in anger or defense. See, my gnome toons whill live my lifestyle too. Also I want lots of gold to redistribute to n00bs.

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