Tuesday, February 17, 2009

US POWs in Afghanistan!!!

This is shocking news that is just now coming to light now that Bushs rain of terror is finally over. When his brownshirts were surpressing the press you never saw stories like this: (exerped below):

THE 36,000 US troops in Afghanistan are prisoners of war.

Oh boy I thought the chimp miss managed the Iraq war but this one really takes the cake. AND EATS IT TOO!

We're now on the verge of doubling our troop commitment to a mismanaged war that lacks sane goals and teeters toward inanity.

Fortunatly it does not look like it appears to be to late. President Obama can still turn this think around first an d formost by turning those troops around and driving them home before they to can be captured!

Staying left us with criminally vulnerable logistics

Oh boy. More Bush war crimes.

Our botched deployment to Afghanistan as warriors who morphed into squatters defies military logic, history and common sense.

So did the 20 years of Bush presidency we had to endure.

We're going to build Disneyworld on the Kabul River.

This is the power of positive thinking mixed with HOPE which can bring about CHANGE. This author of this artical hit the nail on the head right out of the ball park. This is the kind of out of the box thinking (revolutionary) that was sorely missing during the Bush disaster. A project like this (Kabul Disneyworld) would bring jobs to the jobless and awesome rides to millions of Afghanistany children who probaly never even seen a roller coaster.

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