Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is President Obama A Neocon?

The big debate raging these days in all the main progressive blogs out their is IS President Obama a neocon? Both sides of this debate are very passionate about there sides of the argument and so far (debate rageing for since the middle of Jan(uary). You have progressives on one side who say that No, President Obama is uneqivocally NOT a neocon. But then progressives on the other side of the isle say that Yes, President Obama is most defintly a neocon.

Who's to say which side of this hot topic debate is right?

Its mostly important to look at the evidence on both sides before making a guess about is President Obama a neocon and so to help you all out, I will incapsulate the whole of the bodys of evidence involved here. In a nut shell.

The PResident Obama is A Neocon camp lists these evidences as proof of his neocondom:
  • He is escalating the war is Afghanistan by sending more toops their ON TOP of the 36,000 already being held captive (PWO's).
  • His stimulus mostly helped the rich and those who stand to prophet most from war (Haliburton got bail-out money)
  • He has not yet done enough for Palestain which still labors under the yoke of Israel's opression.
  • He kept that one guy in the Pentagon who worked for Bu$h.

In contract, the President Obama is NOT an Neocon camp says those are good talking points but we submit these points for your arousal.
  • He is curently negotating terms of are withdrawl from Bu$h's war of subjugation on IRaq (for oil).
  • His stimulus undid the disasterous damages done on are welfare system by Bu$h's dad the othre Bu$h (sr.)
  • He is negotiate peace with Iran and Syria (serously what did the neocons have against those people anyways)?
  • He cares about the poor. Mostly black.

And so. Considering the evidence argued by both sides (President Obana is a Neocon vs. President Obama is a NOT a Neocon) which are pretty convinceing arguments on the face, I can say with like 86% assurences that the evidence overwhelmingly weighs in favor of the President Obama is NOT a Neocon. Seriously I doubt that my weighing in on this matter will sway either camps away from the chaos that is the Progressive blog world. To many feelings have been hurt and to many outstanding Progressive blogers have already became disillusioned with there peers. Sadly I think the damage is done and the Porgressive blog world will never been the same.

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