Monday, March 16, 2009


Some guy named Victor Davis Hanson (no relation to Hanson) is being very deceptive / misleading with subtle plays on words. A very clever play but paper thin.
The old campaign snicker that a naïve McCain really believed that a
then-stronger economy is "fundamentally sound" is now the new Obama gospel about a far weaker one.

It was weaker BEFORE the crash. NOw it hit rock bottom and is stronger.
There are to be no more earmarks in spite of 8,000-plus new ones.

Um. There was no more earmarks AFTER the last ones. Not before.
A $3.6 trillion-dollar budget is proof of commitment to financial
responsibility; the remedy of Bush’s borrowing profligacy is to increase the
deficit from $500 billion to $1.7 trillion.

If Bu$h didnt already MAKE a $500 billion defecit, it wouldnt be $1.7 trillion now!. It would only be $700 billion..

You have to have catlike mental reflexes to catch the neocons subtle play on words (new tactic).

INCIDENTALLY: Blogging will be light today while I sort my life back into order.

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