Saturday, March 14, 2009

Now Their is Hope!

In these trying economic times it is important to always have hope. And also something to look forward to.

So to keep up the hope, I am excite to announce that the first Battle of the Hot Blog Chicks bracket battle is finished and ready to be posted on here just as soon as I post it here later this afternoon.

Teaser: It was a hard fought battle between Michelle Malkin and Finding Miss Amy blog.

UPDATE: Here it is (results) and updated bracket standings. If you cant read at low resolution, click on the image and it will get real big in another window. (Warning: real real big)

UPDATE 2: Also FWIW (for what its worth) the new picture of me (in my profile) is not actually a real police sketch which was not provided by Taylorsville Police Department who were not complying with the Freedom of Information Act when they did not require me to submit a GRAMA (goverment records management act) request without $25 processing fee just for s stupid poorly rendered picture that doesnt even look like me. So get them thoughts out of your head, plz.


Anon. said...

I'd been intending to ask if that dog pic is very similar to the way you actually look. I don't see the resemblance between that and this poorly drawn portrait.

Dean04Prez said...

Atcually, I put the dog pic on their because its real hard for anyone, even neocons, to flame someone with a puppy on there profile.

stoorat said...

Is it too late to vote? Where do I vote?