Friday, March 13, 2009

Hot Blog Chicks Bracket Q&A

I know there is a lot of confusion about this bracket thing which was put together just this morning, the brain child of me and "stoorat" (not real name, I think) so hear is some Q&A about questions you may have:

Q: Is this all the hot chicks on the internet?
A: No. There is lots of hot chicks on the internet these days but there was no way I could fit them all on one bracket system. So all the hot chicks weren't included. Just the ones with blogs.

Q: Which chicks are hot but not blogger(s)? (examples please)
A: Patti Russo is hot but myspace is not blogs. Its more nlike SOCIAL NETWORKINg. Alison Zlotow is also hot but again, Facebook is not blogs. Gretchen Carr and Laurie Dhue are hot news chicks, but news isnt blogs.

Q: How was the seedings determined?
A: I arbitrarily put t hem on the bracket in the order on which they occurred to me that the blog chick on the bracket was pretty hot.

Q: So their is not any kind of preconceived seeding?
A: No because who knows how these things work anyways.

Q: Why isnt their guy blogs on this list?
A: Because this is about hot chicks. Not dudes. Sicko.

Q: What happens with the one who is the winner when this bracket thing is all over?
A: I'm glad I asked this. The winner gets:
  1. A matching donation from me (up to $40) to the Target Gift Cards For Gordon Brown's Children project which I started on this blog. The rules are that simple. The winner only has to donate $40 to TGCFGBC and I will do the same.
  2. A link on this blog.
  3. Also they (winner) can put the Target Gift Cards For Gordon Brown's Children project banner on there blog (maybe on the top or side like right below there profile).
  4. We could totaly hook up. If you want. No pressure.
  5. It could be like one or two (or three) nights of magic.
If there is more that a winner could need I will include it here later.

Q: Is their integrity inherent in this bracket system?
A: Ya.

Q: What about links to the entrants so that everyone can check them out before hand?
A: Okay. In no preconceived order:
  1. Right Wing Sparkle blog
  2. Arianna Huffington blog
  3. Dr. Helen blog
  4. Offended Blogger blog
  5. Incoherent Ramblings blog
  6. The Hussy Housewife blog
  7. Michelle Malkin blog
  8. Finding Miss Amy blog
  9. SondraK blog
  10. Rosie O'Donell blog
  11. Extra-Extra blog
  12. Mountaineer Musings blog
  13. Dooce blog
  14. Blue Gal in a Red State blog
  15. Rachel Lucas blog
  16. Neo-Neocon blog
So if their is any more questions, please answer them here.

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stoorat said...

Where do we vote? I'd like to cast a vote for Alison Zlotow. Yowza!