Friday, March 20, 2009

The Comparisons Really Arent Fair

One thing that realy chaps my hide today in scouting out the neocons blog world is there self-rightous up in arms attitude about President Obamas PERCEIVED gaffe on The Late Show with Jay Leno.

They (neocons) are all like: "He should not be on TV (Leno) when he has to be busy fixing Bush's wrecked economy"

And then they are all like: "He shouldnt be making fun of people with mental disabilitys/disorders/diseases/etc."

Just basicaly being opportunist at the expense of post-Bush reconcilliation. Well I have a news for you! Hear at STop The Neocons 2009 Blog, we wont have any of that because here (STN2009) we CONFRONT neocon fascism because nothing makes *THAT* die faster than shetting the light of day on it.

With that said, I am calling out the neocons on this picture (because it seems to be the theme of the day):

Let me be blunt with just 3 words: This is not very helpful!


Two Dogs said...

Welcome to the Joe Gaffetastic School of Mathematics!

Anon. said...

2 dogs, u have a virus. I've seen these things before. Irrational comments that turn out to be adverts like "this new diet-pill really works. I lost 12 pounds. Check it out" except yr virus is a little odd in that there's no url for the school attached.

Dean04Prez said...

I hope its not a virus and just ad spam.

Anon. said...

but why would someone like 2 dogs knowingly ad spam this blog? Virus seems more likely.

Dean04Prez said...

He could be a capitalist corporate shill.