Sunday, March 15, 2009



I am so embarassed!

This started out with good intentions (find hottest blog woman). But because I did/was not proof reading I have just found out that I have been perpetraded! AND I know exactly how it happened:

See I am not what is noun in the business as a "graphic designer" per say. SO when I need work done that involved drawing or art (making banners for blog, etc) I always have to have someone do the tech work. In other words, its MY vision but someone helps me realize it by put it in JPG.

Well, as always I enlistd the help of one KEVIN LaFONTAINE (downstairs and across breezeway in 4C) to hlep because I **THOUGHT** I could count on him.


He does'nt know how damageing this is to my hard earned credability because I put my words on that there would be integrity in this bracket system. But as it turns out him and probaly Kenny Pollack (if I had to guess) took my vision of a fair and balance judgement of hot blog chicks and made a MOCKARY of it!

I wanted hard-hitting, honest comparison of the merits and qualificasions of these hot babes and what they delivered was TOTLA B_ _ _ S_ _ _ about doilys! AND underwear! I am so mad right now I am shakeing. It was suppose to be SO easy for them! All they had to do was transcripe my notes to the image / layout!

ALSo thinking that if my own best (former) friends (I thought) could do this to me maybe I am disallusioned about every thing. Maybe I should'nt be bloging about neocon perfidys. Maybe I should be going to town meethings and become more involve din my local communit instead of so involved in the world community. I have to rethink my prioritys!

Its really messed up that I can still here them laughing at me (at the moment).

UPDATE: ITS MY OWN STUPID FAULT. I shuold have PROOFREAD it! DAMN. Also I think hey made a copy of my thumb/flash drive thing. Not sure tho.

UPDATE 2: THATS KEVIN LAFONTAINE (not sure of spelling tbh) and KENNY POLLACK and there in UTAH. IF you want to spam there emails or send prank calls PLEASE DO SO!

UPDATE 3: Is there any lawyers out there that blog or are reading this that can tell me if I have some legal recourses for this? Their is no WAY that fraud (which is a crime last time I checked) like this can be legal.


stoorat said...

Don't lose faith, my like-minded brother. Think about it for a moment--what has more impact on you personally, your local community, or the world at large? Your community, right? So what would be the most selfish choice regarding who to serve, your community, or the world? Your community, right? And who do we know that epitomizes selfishness?

Yeah, neocons.

So stop beating yourself up! Sweden and the Netherlands need to know about who's hot in the world of female bloggers. You can't expect anything better from self-absorbed neocon American'ts; all you can do is pick up the pieces and soldier (not necessarily military (violence), just a (neocon, probably) metaphor) on.

Be strong. What the neocons want is for you to give up on this important work. You don't want them to win, do you?

stoorat said...

P.S. (post script) Can I still vote for Alison Zlotow?

Dean04Prez said...

She's hot, huh?

One time I saw her ina concert w/a bear midrift and she walked close enough that I could see downy tufts of woman fur aroud her belly button. It was way hot!