Monday, March 16, 2009


This blog post is only for KEVIN LAFONTAIN who I KNOW is reads this blog. Everyone else should just but out.

Dear Kevin,

Those pictures you put on the cork board in the laundry room were
PRIVATE. They were strictly for my ADULT social networking service.
Thats why I dont have them FRAMED everywhere in my room (private). I thing
you should be ADULT about it and give me back my stick.

If you dont give it back (put under my door or leave by my car, IDC which
(thb) I will start a NEW blog about how people should not give you jobs or
trust you in any way. Youre name will be TOTALLY trashed. I promise you
you will be crawling back to me on your hands/knees to beg me to stop trashing
your name before its over.

I cant believe it has come to this. Really.

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