Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Twitter: A Valuable Resource

If their are any other prgressives out there who have not got on twitter yet, I have news for you. You should. It is a invaluable resource for like-minded progressives like myself to network and communicate in real-time. This is what (sample) you could be doing:

meanolmeanyFrom Aug '97, who balanced the budget? Cato says, Ronald Reagan. Dean04Prez@meanolmeany Um. Ronald Reagan wasnt even president in 1997. Your facts are way off the money.
ZING! (btw)

Bad news. President Obama has ruled out giving DVDs to the queen. This is a gaffe. How does Gordon Brown rate DVDs when the queen doesnt?
Blue Rays is still a possibility I think.

Dean04Prezhttp://tinyurl.com/b9jd4z (via @addthis) Get onboard before the yurt bubble bursts.
"Yurt" is like a tent but made of wood and fits stuff inside it.

maxinewatersThe only thing that will save this country is an end to the crazy belief that business drives the economy.
Like minds think alike!

maxinewatersThe sooner we get $$, guns & voting rights out of the hands of the least deserving (bourgeoisie) & into good hands (Party) the better. Dean04Prez@maxinewaters AGREED! Red staters shouldnt be allowed to vote!maxinewaters@Dean04Prez Oh, let them think it counts... we have the census now, colleges, media, blocs, Exec., Leg., & Judic. branches are ours!
None of us flyover states should be allowed to vote unless we are voting FOR the most progressive thing/person/guy/chick.

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I will not express how much I hate Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, and other bourgeois Fascist Micks.
Dean04Prez@maxinewaters Yeah! F&$@ the Scots!
This barb at the Scotlandish people on there national holiday was not wholly intended. I just got caght up in the moment.


Two Dogs said...

Actually a yurt is usually made of animal hides stretched over bones and insulated with doo-doo. Just saying.

stoorat said...

My favorite is strawberry-banana. The Fruision drinks are pretty good too.

Dean04Prez said...

TWO DOGS, thats a TP.

Stop trying to pull my chains!