Thursday, March 26, 2009

Visual proof that I'm AM NOT Jake Tapper

This is a photo essay.

In the first photo you see one Mr. Jake Tapper who is like the senior news guy at abc news. Hes very handsome. Indeed, if I was a chick, I would totally do him. Also well dressed with a tie that says "I am powerful but you need not fear me".

Jake Tapper

In the second photo you see what is suppose to be not a police sketch of me (which is not available at Taylorsville PD for $25 if you have forms filled out). BTW it totaly doesnt look like me.


Now if you super impose the sketch of me that totaly doesnt look like me and put me (photo) on top of Jake Tapper, then adjust opacity 20% you begin to already see the subtle differences:

20% Opacity

Already it is plane to see that Jake Tapper does not have a killer 'stache like I got (finaly came in 2 years ago). Now adjusting opacity another 20% the differences become more profound:

40% Opacity

As you can see above, Jake Tapper doesnt even seem to be looking at the camera any more, whereas my gaze is more piercing and enigmatic. Also are eyebrows dont even match up. Add another 20% opactiy:

60% Opacity

Hear at 60% opacity it becomes obvious to even the untrained eye, which we call it the "lay eye" in the business, that Jake Tapper parts his hair way different than I do. However, in all fairness, are lips match almost perfect. Again, if he was a chick I would think are lips our a match made in heaven.

80% Opacity

As show above, when the two photos are adjust to 80% opactity for illustration purposes only you can clearly see that although my killer 'stache would look great on Jake Tapper and are ears and necks are near perfect match it is obvious that I am not Jake Tapper. Its what I have been saying all along.

100% Opacity

As you can see above, the only similarity between me (not Jake Tapper) and Jake Tapper (Jake Tapper) is that I would look real good in his suit. That is where the similaritys end and THAT, is why I am not Jake Tapper.

Hopefully this photo essay will put all those rumours to bed. (metaphorically)


Anon. said...

that's such obvious trick-photography it beggars belief you actually would expect it to take anyone in.

NOTJakeTapper said...

Its science. Their is no disputing these hard visual facts.

Two Dogs said...

Exactly, Anon, all he did was flip his blog photo the other way to make it NOT so obvious. Holy crap, Jake Tapper is a liberal! Who would have thought that?

NOTJakeTapper said...

No way.

Our nose is completely different.