Thursday, March 26, 2009

Actual Twitter Exchange

Maybe some one could help:
SomedudenamedRyking@Skiorsurf What's the matter, sweetie? Embarrassed that you didn't know East Berlin was part of the USSR? Home schooled much? #p2 #tcot

Dean04Prez@ryking Just watching from the sidelines and wondering which soviet republic east berlin was part of. Plz clarify.

I am totaly all for true, like minded progressives (like myself) sticking it to neocons like this but I relly wish they would share there talking points so we are all on the same page.

If anyone is able to tell me which Soviet Socialist Republic had East Berlin in it, I would greatly appreciate.

UPDATE: I TOTALY got clarification from "Ryking". Its all very clear now:

Rykingdude@Dean04Prez East Berlin was controlled by the Soviet bloc and a de facto member of the USSR:

ME@ryking Im not seeing in that article where East Berlin was a member of the USSR. Did they have representation in the Soviet politburo?

Rykingdude@Dean04Prez Which part of "de facto" do you not understand? And you don't remember this? #p2 #tcot

ME@ryking I guess I always understood "de facto" to mean "in fact" or "in reality". Was there another definition?

For a minute their I was starting to fall into the neocon way of thinking. It was starting to look like East Berlin was more of an "occupied territory". Speaking for all liberals and like minded progressives like myself, I can not stress enough the importance of clarifying these things as a bullwark against the neocon disinformation machine.


Anon. said...

"It was starting to look like East Berlin was more of an "occupied territory"

You mean east berlin was or do you mean it wasn't an occupied territory?

I don't know much about history either.

NOTJakeTapper said...

Im still confused. I think he may have been pulling one over on me.

I think it was de facto wasnt.

NOTJakeTapper said...

we need to leave open the possibility that it wasnt de facto was.

Anon. said...

What even makes us think there are simple answers to everything?

NOTJakeTapper said...

I still struggle with nuance.

mack said...

'Anon' knows nothing about the wall that Reagan (supposedly) brought down single-handed. Sad.

stoorat said...


Your journalistic integrity is a shining beacon for us all, what with your open/like-mindedness towards a state of was/wasn't de facto. Brilliant, hard-hitting truthiness, as always.

Anon. said...

I know all about The Wall! In theory there are many. In fact, it's always the same wall. The one Pink Floyd sang/sing about: Berlin. Palestine, China. Etc. Demolished in one area only to be erected elsewhere. Part of the general futility of using force. Bush was never able to see it. Obama does (I hope).


NOTJakeTapper said...

Im NOT Jake Tapper
(see thread below)

mack said...

Obama has a wall?

Anon. said...

you're missing the point. We're not talking about Obama here. he reaches out across walls. The white house isn't occupied territory. Your query is entirely misplaced.